Finalisation of the practice on individual organs and parts of the body

Italian version

This exercise is similar to the one followed in the sections on breathing from the individual organs and accumulating vital energy of the previous Level; therefore, its execution should not present difficulty. However, it will be helpful to remember that the practice requires advanced control of the transfer of consciousness into individual organs.

The purpose of this training, which complements the previous indirect methods, is to allow the execution of the rituals, which will be described in the next chapter. If performed correctly, the exercise also allows you to compensate for elemental imbalances of the various organs or parts of the body; of course, it will be necessary to develop through meditation and practice the knowledge of the functions of each Element related to the general health of the organism. As usual, direct accumulation in the heart and brain should be avoided.

And now, let’s get down to practice:

  • Relax in your favourite āsana. Focus your consciousness on one organ or part of the body and dynamically develop the Fire Element, initially with seven breaths. Then, increase them in subsequent exercises until you feel the tension is sufficient and does not cause discomfort. Create accumulation by inhaling; in exhaling, think of anything.
  • Once the build-up is complete, return the Element to the universe with an explosive release or alternate breathing until you feel ready.
  • Repeat the operation with the remaining Elements, always following the Fire-Water-Air-Earth order. Experiment with other organs and body parts in subsequent sessions.

By this stage of training, you should already be able to feel the effects of the Element on your body without having to use your imagination. Inhaling the Element will cause the specific sensation – heat, cold, lightness, gravity. This is a consequence of approaching elemental reality and understanding the subtle states that serve as the architecture of the material world.