Visualisation of living creatures

Italian version

Now is the time to move on to viewing living creatures. Let us remember that here it is not a question of simulating one’s presence in a scenario, as in the previous exercise; instead, let’s go back to imagining the subject projected in front of us without identifying ourselves with the scene, as in the first exercise of this series. The practice takes place in two distinct phases.

  • Sit in your usual posture or āsana.
  • Imagine a different animal at each session (dog, cat, horse, hen, etc.) in a realistic way and a static pose.
  • Practice for five minutes with your eyes closed, and once you stabilise the exercise, do the visualisation with your eyes open again for up to five minutes.
  • Once the static visualisation is finished and fixed, we move on to the dynamic one. Imagine animals in motion, running, jumping, and flying; add some sound (the barking of a dog, the meowing of a cat, depending on the visualisation).
  • Again, practice for five minutes with the eyes closed and open. You can move on to the next exercise if you finish all sessions successfully.

The real difference from the previous exercises is, as is evident, the use of an image that includes more engaging soul content. It is a preparation for the visualisation of human beings, which we will address in the next steps.