How to control the flow of vital energy into the body's organs

Italian version

This exercise is an evolution of the pore breathing exercise from the previous Step. The only substantial difference lies in directing the attention no longer on the whole body but individual organs or parts.

Shifting awareness to a single body part may seem complicated. Yet, in reality, it is what happens spontaneously when our attention, for a sudden pain or a tactile sensation, is directed towards the affected area. As already expressed in the pore breathing session, it is about creating a mental impression that this time shifts the conscious attention to a specific organ; through the mediation of the astral or sensory body, one then comes to “feel” the organ’s breath.

If breathing with the body has been done diligently, then you shouldn’t have difficulty doing the practice. Before starting the exercises, it is advisable to consult an anatomical atlas to help locate the various organs. Let’s proceed now with the work:

  • Sit in your usual position with your eyes closed. Transfer your awareness to one of your legs, either right or left. Imagine that the leg draws in life energy from the universe; with exhalation, release the energy back into the universe. Repeat the process seven times, then switch to the other leg.
  • Continue the same exercise with your hands, first with one hand, then with the other and then with both hands simultaneously.
  • After gaining some practice, start with the internal organs, first the larger ones such as the liver or intestines and then the smaller ones, such as the thymus, spleen, etc. Feel free to experiment with bones, joints, or body parts causing pain; inhaling life energy can help relieve symptoms and bodily imbalances. The experience is particularly challenging to enclose in concepts; moreover, it can vary depending on the organ concerned.
  • Take the time to work with as many organs or body parts as possible; once you have acquired the ability to imbue most of the organs with life energy, the exercise is over.

Bardon stresses the need to carefully manage the transfer of consciousness to the organs and the consequent inflow of life energy. This will be useful in the practices he calls “space impregnation” and “biomagnetism”, detailed in the Step III appendix. Furthermore, the mismanagement of this exercise will make it challenging to transfer consciousness to the external objects and entities, as described in Step IV.