Introduction to energy release techniques

Italian version

This exercise is closely related to the previous one but should not be attempted before mastering life energy accumulation. Bardon discourages this practice until some degree of resistance is achieved.

The reason for this caution lies in need to accustom the physical body to the pressure of the vital energy radiating from the astral or soul body, which increases the tension at the internal organs and body structure level. It is an effort, and as such, it must be accompanied by the elasticity acquired with practice, like any physical exercise that requires adaptation.

The preliminary steps and perceived effects are identical to those already employed in the accumulation of vital energy:

  • Use your preferred āsana. Begin to inhale the vital energy through the lungs and pores, spreading it throughout the body.
  • When you exhale, think of nothing so that the life energy remains inside the body.
  • Continue to build up the energy with subsequent inhalations. Again, start with seven inhalations, increasing by one with each session.
  • Once the accumulation is over, stay some time with the feeling of the accumulated energetic radiance that also expands outwards.
  • When you feel ready, exhale violently from the lungs and pores, trying to expel all the accumulated energy at once, returning it to the universe.

Initially, to avoid overexertion, you can exhale the vital energy using two or three successive exhalations until you get used to it. This way of proceeding is correct even when, by increasing the number of inhalations, the accumulated energy becomes sizeable. The ultimate goal, however, remains to release the energy in a single explosive act. This practice helps to hone control over vital energy.