Vital energy in practice

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To the practices relating to Step Three, Bardon adds two appendices concerning the use of vital energy in the field, which have already been explained in the section dedicated to pore breathing in Step Two. If we have successfully followed the exercises presented so far, we will not encounter many difficulties putting into practice what we have learned. However, these appendices are considered a test case of the practices carried out so far; they are not properly part of the cycle of lessons, but it will be helpful to experiment with the techniques to test the skills acquired.

The appendix, defined by Bardon as “space impregnation“, explains how to fill a place or room with vital energy to obtain an environment conducive to realising desires and aspirations. Based on the practitioner’s degree of advancement, the techniques can be limited to the stimulation of the mental or volitional faculties helpful in achieving specific objectives, for example, in the study or the practice of the exercises. Or, with more direct action, a place can be freed from negative influences of a subtle order, or a room can be made impracticable by anyone who enters it without being invited, arousing feelings of unease; the possibilities are many, and the experimenter can discover other methods by himself.

It is important to remember that vital energy can be “instructed” to convey thoughts, ideas, desires or anything else necessary to achieve the pre-established objectives; it can also be timed and limited in its duration or, conversely, led to self-feed so that it does not lose effectiveness over time. All of this is accomplished through creative imagination and willpower.

Bardon’s final emphasis on these practices is that they are to be used only for noble ends. The nobility of intentions applies to the entire hermetic sphere, especially in cases where one interacts with other living beings; the same recommendation applies to futile or meaningless desires. It is a question of ethics, understood as a search for the true good; to act differently means to isolate oneself from the essence, from the spirit of things to pursue an exquisitely selfish quest, separated from the life-giving forces of the universe. And the universe, in this case, does not forgive.

And now the practices. The preliminary stages of the exercises have already been covered in the section on pore breathing.

Method 1. Radiation from the body

Breathing from the pores and lungs, you inhale life energy into the body from the universe; imagine that energy is compressed in the body until it reaches a radiant potential. At this point, you are like an individual sun, and the luminous force spreads throughout the environment. Each inhalation increases the radiant energy until it fills the room or place where you are. Now, with the help of your creative imagination and will, infuse the room with your chosen wish.

Since the life force dissipates over time, you can choose to reinvigorate it by repeating the practice at fixed periods or, with a precise mental or vocal command, assign it a duration, or instruct the vital energy to feed itself from the universe, always with the help of creative imagination and will. With constant practice, it is possible to impregnate more than one room or the entire house and carry out the work even remotely.

Once the impregnation with desire is over, the residual life force left in the body is returned to the universe through the explosive release with one or more exhalations. The radiant energy stays in the room.

Method 2. Radiation from the universe

This method differs from the previous one in that the vital energy is not compressed in the body but directly radiated into the place or room from the universe. With the help of your imagination, visualise the vital energy filling the room or physical location you are in from all directions; once the space is filled, project the chosen desire into it with willpower and time it with the methods previously described. It is a more advanced mode than the previous one but requires less effort once you get used to it.

Objects impregnation

The two methods described can be used to charge objects such as stones, metals, jewels, etc., with vital energy, instilling a wish favourable to the person wearing them. The execution methods are identical to the previous ones, with the difference that the vital energy impregnated with desire is conveyed towards the chosen object. Furthermore, the property loaded into the object retains its effectiveness only if the object itself is worn by the person it is intended for.

For the timing of the desire, we can use the techniques already tested: fix the duration with a mental command for a long time and instruct the vital energy to feed itself from the universe or choose to end the influence when the desired result is achieved. Bardon hints at a method he calls universal loading, presumably requiring a higher degree of experience, whereby the object retains its effects as long as it exists.