The use of vital energy in humans

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The biomagnetism mentioned by Bardon should not be confused with using electromagnetic fields in the treatment of various conditions or the study and measurement of cerebral magnetic fields. Instead, it is a question of the conscious use of vital energy, the causal basis at the root of the biochemical and oxidative principles that support the physical body. More details are covered in the pore breathing lesson.

This section teaches how to finalise life energy for healing use towards living beings. Nothing changes compared to the basic techniques of the previous appendix: the vital energy is taken from the universe and loaded with the chosen idea and desire, timing it to establish its duration. Again, the method of irradiation from the body or the universe is used, with some differences.

When dealing with living beings, especially humans, it seems redundant to remember that stringent ethical standards must be respected. The magician therapist is not a doctor – unless they are also a doctor – does not diagnose and does not replace the clinical specialist in any way. They must not interfere with ongoing therapies or think they can resolve pathologies that require surgery. Their only purpose must be to alleviate suffering as much as possible and to accelerate the healing processes through the supply of vital energy. This does not exclude that they must have a certain degree of knowledge of the medical literature – especially in the anatomical field – to direct the treatment better. And finally, they do not operate for profit but only for the good of people and their loved ones. Now let’s move on to the practices.

Method 1. Irradiation from the body

Take at least seven breaths through your lungs and pores, breathing in life energy. Then approach the person needing treatment and start accumulating vital energy from the universe, again with lungs and pores. Continue until you feel that the radiant force produced by the breath has expanded concentrically about thirty feet (nine metres), corresponding to the life energy of about ten people.

Now transfer the radiant energy into the person to be treated. This can be done in two ways: with direct contact, usually with the laying on of hands, or without touch, simply by expressing the will for the energy to flow; it all depends on the degree of preparation acquired. The eyes can be closed or open, and the patient can be looked at, but not too directly.

Always with imagination and will, cause the radiant energy to be pushed and compressed into the person’s body through all its pores. Think with conviction about the person’s well-being, which will improve steadily from then on, day after day; command the life energy to remain in the patient’s body until healing. Fix it in your imagination so that it extends about three feet (one metre) out of the body, which is the life energy output of a healthy person.

After a while, repeat the whole operation, to strengthen the vital energy already present; having fixed it in the patient’s body, this will not escape, remaining until needed.

Method 2. Irradiation from the universe

With this method, vital energy is pushed from the universe directly into the patient’s body or a specific organ to be treated, always through the pores and with the help of creative imagination; here, too, the vital energy is programmed to renew itself constantly until the problem is resolved.

The advantage of this system is twofold: it is very effective and insulates the therapist from the possibility of energy repercussions; it also prevents a potentially problematic astral or mental connection from being established with the patient. This is the preferred method, but it must be ensured that the patient can withstand the continuous energetic charge from the universe.

Method 3. Cooperation

Bardon again mentions a particular method based on therapist-patient cooperation. The initial part of the treatment takes place the usual way, with the therapist emitting their radiant energy in a radius of nine metres until it envelops the patient. At this point, the patient, if they can concentrate, intensifies their imagination with the firm conviction of inhaling through the pores the radiant healing energy in which he or she is immersed; the feeling of recovery must remain even when the therapist has walked away. If the ability to concentrate is lacking, the therapist will take charge of the imagination, thinking that the patient will accept the vital energy by transporting it inside the body or in the suffering organs and parts.

The practices of biomagnetism also include remote treatment and the projection of elements in place of vital energy; the latter method requires a mastery of the elements, which will be achieved only in the subsequent Steps. The effectiveness of the results will naturally depend on having mastered the practices hitherto exposed and on the possession of an essential elemental balance obtained through the introspection techniques of Step One. This appendix completes the work of Step Three.