Introducing the effects of the Water principle

Italian version

The exercise of this session aims to obtain an experience opposite to that of the Fire Element. The Water principle represents, indeed, the state of fall that allows the motion towards a structure, the bond and the attraction between the molecules, which condensing as a result of their cooling create a descending movement. The Element is experienced as the absence of heat. The practice is as follows:

  • In your habitual posture or āsana, close your eyes and imagine that you are in the middle of a vast ocean surrounding you.
  • Start inhaling the Element with total breathing (lungs and pores). As you exhale, think of nothing and keep the Element within you.
  • In the initial practice session, start with seven breaths. If you perform the exercise with the right concentration, the sensation you get is the cold, which increases with the number of breaths taken.
  • At the end of the seven breaths, remain for a moment with the sensation of cold inside the body and then begin to exhale the Element seven times until there is no trace left. While inhaling, do not think about anything.
  • In subsequent sessions, increase the number of breaths by one each time. Bardon advises not to exceed the twenty-minute limit.

As always, Bardon lists the results that an advanced magician can achieve with intensive practice, such as controlling atmospheric phenomena, aquatic animals, etc. But, as we already pointed out, here we are dealing with work at the imagination level, making it possible to elicit a soul response without the intervention of external factors. In this case, an indication of the practice’s success is given by being able to keep the body cold even when the external temperature is high.