In the seasonal symbolism, the sign of Leo (22 July – 22 August) depicts the top of summer heat, the canicular period (the dog days).

Italian version

The vegetation is dried and burned by the violence of the sun’s rays; the fruits, ripened by the intense temperature, are close to harvest. Nature reaches the pinnacle of magnificence.

Leo reveals their conscience in the forms of a strengthened individualism, a high self-awareness, ideally correlating with the sun’s central and dominant role and the sovereign power of the summer apogee. While Aries’ cardinal fire represents blind and explosive energy, Leo’s fixed fire expresses reasoned energy, placed under the control of the ruling will of the ego. Their self-confidence and the means at their disposal make them the living example of individuals who can be successful based solely on their nature.


The physical type develops linearly, expressing the sovereign power of the lion’s fangs and claws in a realistic, practical, earthly form, as muscular strength or as conquests dictated by pride and ambition. Away from complications, they will focus everything on their aptitudes to act autonomously and in a sunny disposition.

The soul type is linked to the manifestation of controlled power, loves to place itself at the top of social and professional organisations where it can exercise its propensity for domination, seeks a rich and luxurious existence that is the guarantor of their inner splendour. They can appear generous and available to others.

An enlightened idealism guides the spiritual type; the support of the inner discipline leads them to live according to the laws of honour, of physical and artistic harmony until they reach the perfection of the spiritual greatness embodied in life and works. They will be the living manifestation of selfless power.

Analogies and correspondences

Metal Gold, bronze
Precious stones Diamond, topaz
Minerals Chrysolite, yellow stones with golden reflections
Flora Sunflower, marigold, yellow lily, mimosa, snapdragon, pomegranate, laurel, climbing rose, palm, horse chestnut, heliotrope, geranium, dittamus, fuchsia, dahlia, nasturtium, melon, orange, grapes, watermelon
Fauna Lion, eagle, ibis, zebra, swan, bee, horse, peacock, elephant, dolphin, pheasant, bird of paradise, bengalino (strawberry finch), starfish
Perfumes Cyprus, amber, thyme, rosemary, aromatic plants, incense, balsamic and comforting aromas
Taste Bitter mixed with a pleasant sweetness
Resonance Organ, cymbals
Colours Golden yellow, orange, bright red, cadmium, purple, crimson, ultramarine blue
Day Sunday
Hour 12 noon
Number 6
Regions Italy, part of France, part of Turkey, Sicily, Bohemia (today western Czech Republic), Chaldea (today southern Iraq), Phenicia (today Syria, Lebanon and northern Israel), Alps, northern Romania, Tire (Lebanon), Sidon (Lebanon)
Cities Rome, Ravenna (Italy), Syracuse, Damascus, Bath (Somerset – UK), Bristol, Prague, Cremona (Italy), Philadelphia, Chicago, Bombay, Ulm (Baden-Württemberg – Southern Germany), Linz (Northern Austria), Blackpool (UK)

Coat of arms

A man who declaims in front of a coat of arms (care for the gesture and emphasis on the expression of feelings).