In seasonal symbolism, the sign of Virgo (23 August – 22 September) represents the phase of full maturation and diversification of nature.

Italian version

Vegetation is close to its phase of sterility; the fruits detach from the plant, the grains from the shell. The harvest period is the culmination of nature’s growing work.

What distinguishes Virgo’s psychology is precisely this attention to the fruit of things through intense analytical and mental work. As proof of maturity, Virgos leave out the pure sensitive and instinctive expression to devote themselves to refining life experience through logic. Putting a mental screen on the perceived is also a way to ensure existential security.


The physical type feels the weight of a daily existence lived in a habitual and ordinary way. That easily triggers reactive responses, such as bursts of disorder that compensate for monotony, resulting in a classic ambivalence where excessive relaxation in some areas is accompanied by extreme fussiness in others.

Soul types are logical par excellence, refined and precise in their lifestyle; they are characterised by excellent mental faculties, even if they sometimes exceed in encyclopedism as a sterile collection of data. Even in emotional and relational life, they prefer contact with people who guarantee certain reliability.

The spiritual type is the one who transforms the obligations of daily existence into service rendered to others, aware of the fact that even in the small everyday things, there is the breath of a higher life. It is an attitude that involves sacrifices but which, in return, gives the ability to discover the true meaning of things.

Analogies and correspondences

Metal Aluminum, silver, mercury. Metal alloys
Precious stones Jade, jasper, turquoise, malachite
Minerals Sardonyx, silica, hyacinth (variety of zircon)
Flora Lily of the valley, daisy, lime, mint, verbena, ireos, anise, valerian, walnut, almond, broom, hazelnut, clover, sweet clover, salad burnet, wild thyme
Fauna Fox, butterfly, swallow, ant, thrush, monkey, magpie, weasel, squirrel, mouse, hare, ferret, sparrow, fly
Perfumes Marjoram
Taste Aromatic
Resonance Violins
Colours Brown, beige, hazelnut, brown with green-gold reflections, translucent shades
Day Wednesday
Hour 4/5 pm. End of the afternoon
Number 8
Regions Turkey, western India, Assyria (now northern Iraq), Mesopotamia (now Iraq, Kuwait, part of Syria and Turkey) Achaea (Greece – northern Peloponnese), Carinthia (Austria – southern region), island of Crete, Silesia  (now southern Poland and part of the Czech Republic and Germany), Croatia, Morea (now Peloponnese), Thessaly (Greece), Babylon (now Iraq), Kurdistan, Virginia, Brazil, part of Greece, part of the Rhine
Cities Jerusalem, Rhodes, Corinth, Lyon, Paris, Toulouse, Heidelberg (Germany – Baden-Württemberg), Basel, Boston, Baghdad, Los Angeles, Brindisi, Strasbourg, Erfurt (Germany – Thuringia)

Coat of arms

A woman who piles up grain in a closet (respectful attention to earthly things).