In the seasonal symbolism, the sign of Cancer (June 22 – July 23) depicts the beginning of the hot season, the summer solstice.

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In this stage, the intensity of the sun’s rays allows the vegetal forms to acquire ripeness and fullness; the vegetation is abundant, the fruits are rich in watery and sugary substances, nature expresses the maximum receptivity.

Cancers are similarly represented as those who experience, at the level of psychic activity, the consciousness of birth in the human form, the time of incarnation and intrauterine life. They take on the inner values ​​of absorption, assimilation in symbolic association with the archetypes of water and the mother, symbols of life. The need to reunite the objective and conscious expression with the memory of prenatal symbiosis leads the Cancer to the predominance of the sensitive, emotional side, to the imaginative and dreamlike feeling going back into the past in a movement towards the inner shores.


The physical type will recall the wandering bohemian image, changeable, erratic, unstable in character manifestations, impressionable, prey to a subjective world that will not allow a durable adaptation to reality. The boundaries between dreams and everyday life will tend to weaken, bringing experiences full of awesomeness.

In the soul type, protective and motherly feelings will stand out, along with the traditional sense of family and home as a safe place forbidding access to difficult external experiences. They will find in their domestic life the certainties of existence; in relationships, they will seek above all the warmth offered by the sharing of emotions and feelings.

The spiritual type will express their inner richness in a vast artistic and vital range through writing, music, painting. Such individuals will also be able to deepen the innermost meanings of human experience through occult studies or the search for a mystical union with reality since aware of the links between all things.

Analogies and correspondences

Metal Silver
Precious stones Jade, opal, white onyx, pearl
Minerals Rock crystal, lime, selenite
Flora Primrose, snowdrop, jasmine, white carnation, white rose, water lily, bindweed, colchicum, rush, lichen, liana, blackthorn, turnip, lettuce, purslane, cucumber
Fauna Swan, rabbit, hare, crab, bat, otter, jellyfish, sea eagle
Perfumes Mint
Taste Watery or tasteless
Resonance Harpsichord
Colours White, beige, gray, pale green, translucent, pale, delicate colors
Day Monday
Time 10/11 PM. Early hours of the night
Number 9
Regions Holland, part of France, Scotland, Burgundy, Prussia (now part of the Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Switzerland), New Zealand, North and South Africa, Paraguay, Mauritius
Cities Algiers, Amsterdam, Tunis, York, Venice, Milan, Bern, Cadiz, New York, Lucca, Pisa, Vicenza, Treves (today Trier, West Germany), Manchester, Istanbul, Stockholm, Genoa, Vincennes (eastern suburbs of Paris), Lübeck (Northern Germany), Magdeburg (Central Germany), Gorlitz (Eastern Germany)


A child who runs away shooting arrows (omnipotence of feelings that favours good as well as evil).