The dual nature of existence

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In the seasonal symbology, after Aries’s vital explosion and Taurus’s formative harmony, the sign of Gemini (21st May – 21st June) marks the phase of aerial expansion of the vegetation. Branches and foliage rise towards the sky at the apex of the chlorophyll function, coming into contact with the atmosphere through the gaseous exchange. The trees, firmly rooted in mother earth, now open up to sunlight as an expression of strength and vitality.

In the Gemini individual, as in the bipolar relationship of vegetation with the sky and the earth, everything is rhythm, movement, and breath. Gemini highlights the subtle and airy side of manifestation, the mental debate and the intellectualisation of vital dynamics. They aspire to lead a life of vivacity and changeability, stimulation and curiosity, a preference for travel and interpersonal relationships, and flexible and lively thinking. But they often experience a painful sense of detachment from their instincts, trying to defend themselves through mentalism, the aseptic refusal of their dark side to access a rational dimension.


In the physical type, movement, superficiality, inconstancy, and wild wandering predominate as if they lived in an eternal present. They experience relationships and contacts as a means of expressing the continuous movement of their thoughts without ever really delving into their experiences because what matters to them is maintaining an ongoing relationship with things.

The soul type embodies the ideal of pure thought: lively, ingenious intelligence, verbal and dialectical ability, and presence of mind but the dryness of heart. In their life, the intellectual ideal and its written or spoken expression play a prominent role, just as the diversity of interests and experiences is essential.

The spiritual type, in the union of terrestrial and celestial, instinct and reason, finds access to mental serenity and understanding of the multiple aspects of reality. During their existence, they will understand that the hidden side of their being is not an enemy to fight but what allows them to integrate into the earthly experience fully.

Analogies and correspondences

Metal Mercury
Precious stones Beryllium, jasper, citrine, striped stones
Minerals Sardonyx, Carnelian
Flora Lily, lavender, orchid, zinnia, cactus, narcissus, daffodil, valerian, mint, yarrow, anise, barberry, juniper, elderberry, lily of the valley
Fauna Swallow, fox, parrot, butterfly, griffon, badger, marten, blackbird, jay, spider, wasp
Perfumes Moss
Taste Sour
Resonance Flute, oboe, clarinet
Colours Straw yellow and lemon, iridescent colours, rainbows, mosaics
Day Wednesday
Hour 9-10 am. Mid-morning
Number 8
Regions United States, Belgium, Brabant (ancient duchy now divided between Belgium and the Netherlands), Armenia, Cyrenaica (Libya – western coastal region), Lombardy, Lower Egypt (now northern Egypt), Sardinia, Flanders, west England, North America, Wales, Tripolitania (Libya – eastern coastal region)
Cities London, Melbourne, Cordoba, Bruges, Viterbo, Metz (north-eastern France), Turin, Nuremberg, Reggio Emilia, San Francisco


A woman is weaving flowers and ribbons (spirituality and savoir-faire).