In the seasonal symbolism, the sign of Taurus (April 21 – May 21) depicts the formative phase of nature.

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After the vital explosion that has taken place in the Aries sign, the growth of the vegetation stabilises and acquires the forms specific to each species; the roots sink into the ground in search of stability and nourishment.

According to the law of analogic correspondence, the sign’s individual embodies the characteristics of this second phase of spring: psychologically, they appear linked to the earthly manifestation through the principle of orality, of the environmental appropriation accomplished through material possession and nourishment. That also includes the love relationship intended as a stimulus to sensual satisfaction.

If receptive – passive astrological values ​​prevail, the physical type leads an existence we can define as unresponsive, marked by scarce character incisiveness and simple interests, limited to sensual enjoyment and immediate fruition. With the dominance of active values, ​​the temperament becomes more spontaneous, stubborn, choleric and a marked propensity for possession and hoarding prevail.

The soul type is a thrifty person and administrator of goods and substances, aiming above all to realise material harmony and the resulting satisfactions. The emotional life leads to the realisation of genuine and straightforward relationships, to deep passions.

The spiritual type transfers the cumulative tendencies at the level of thought through weighty and systemic study until creative innovation in a new thought pattern. In spiritual personalities, the knowledge of the universal laws contributing to the intimate harmony of nature prevails.

Analogie e corrispondenze

Metal Copper, brass
Precious stones Emerald, clear sapphire, pink and green jade, beryllium
Minerals Agate, alabaster, light coral
Flora Rose, poppy, violet, foxglove, myosotis, primrose, jasmine, serenella, plane tree, cypress, ash, pumpkin, lentil, cabbage, broad bean, beet, banana, peony, lilac, wallflower, wisteria, pansy, strawberry
Fauna Ox, bull, goat, pheasant, nightingale, cat
Perfumes Tuberose, cocoa, vanilla
Taste Fatty and sugary
Resonance Cornet and bassoon
Colours Apple green, pink, light blue, cobalt blue, dark lacquer
Day Friday
Hour 3-4 pm. Mid afternoon
Number 7
Regions Iceland, White Russia (now the Republic of Belarus), Persia (now Iran), Asia Minor, Cyprus, Sweden, Lorraine (northeastern France), Campania (Italy), Georgia, Switzerland, Franconia (Germany), Caucasus, Greek Archipelago
Cities Parma, Mantua, Palermo, Dublin, Leipzig, Rhodes, Nantes, Burgos (Northern Spain – capital of Castile), Bologna, Senigallia (Italy), Taranto, Brescia (Italy), Zurich, Lucerne, Metz (northeastern France), Würzburg (Germany – Bavaria) , Posen (western Poland – now Poznan), Novgorod (western Russia)