A plain summary of the characters assigned to the moon sign

Italian version

Moon in Aries

The sensitivity is intense; the imagination is ardent, combative; one tends to the impulsiveness of character. For a woman, it is an element of masculinity, of resourcefulness. For a man, the ideal woman has an independent personality and is in common with the type of Amazon woman. Sometimes stubborn, aggressive character, instability leading to abrupt changes.

Moon in Taurus

There is a fruitful, constant sensitivity, a predominance of sensual and classic values, and a stable and good-natured character. For a woman, maternal femininity and artistic trends. Man is looking for a faithful and traditional woman. It could bend to sensual and gastronomic excesses, to laziness, to materialism.

Moon in Gemini

Curious, penetrating, subtle sensitivity, fickle character, intellectualised feelings, curious imagination. For a woman, it is a factor of brilliant and social femininity. For a man, the ideal woman must also be attractive from an intellectual point of view. Sometimes uncertainty, sentimental instability, lack of organisation, exhibitionism.

Moon in Cancer

The sensitivity is intense, intuitive, emotional; the imagination is fruitful; soft character, love of home and comfort, pliancy. For a woman: sweet femininity, maternal sense, the search for protection. For a man: the pursuit of a traditional woman reflecting motherly virtues. Sometimes it is an indication of hypersensitivity, a tendency to neurosis, capriciousness and numerous changes.

Moon in Leo

Sensitivity reacts to flashy stimuli, gratifying for their fullness; taste for luxury, noble feelings; lively and fruitful imagination; proud, generous, magnanimous character. For a woman, femininity is in search of admiration and prestige; for a man, attraction towards a lofty, carefree, brilliant feminine ideal. Often outbursts of wounded pride, marital instability, love of gambling.

Moon in Virgo

Sensitivity is combined with critical sense, logical memory, subtlety, analysis of perceptions; imagination linked to the intellect; reserved, thoughtful, careful character. For a woman, love of the home environment. For a man, the ideal woman exhibits virtues of practicality and modesty.

Moon in Libra

Sensitivity is oriented by social instinct and aesthetic values, desire for harmony and refinement, selective imagination, agreeable character, friendly, sense of justice. For a woman, traditional, perfectionist femininity, slightly cold from a human point of view. For a man, the woman identifies with an aesthetic rather than a sentimental ideal. Sometimes it denotes infidelity, snobbery, vanity, relational instability, shallowness.

Moon in Scorpio

Alert and intuitive sensitivity, magnetism, search for complicated situations; active and combative imagination; stubborn, aggressive, independent, curious character. For a woman, erotic and sensual values prevail, even if control is maintained internally. For a man, attraction towards the seductive woman.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sensitivity is open, pleasant, calm, far from complications; imagination is brought to the great outdoors; the personality is simple or tries to open up to philosophical and general ideas. For a woman, respectability and traditionalism, sporty type of femininity. For a man comradely love. Sometimes sensual excesses, intolerance, adventurous spirit.

Moon in Capricorn

Cold, prudent sensitivity, which is oriented towards practical achievements rather than pure affectivity and tenderness; reflective imagination and brought to linear concepts, introverted character directed towards social sublimation. For a woman, an element of rationality but also of possible frustrations. For a man, it indicates intellectual coherence and inclination towards a serious and practical woman. At times one gets instability, pessimism, restlessness, shyness.

Moon in Aquarius

Sensitivity opens towards social participation, idealism, intellectual attractions; active and mobile imagination; flexibility, independence, whimsical character. For a woman, it is an factor of originality, of the absence of prejudices. For a man, the idea of a woman is bright, modern, flexible. Sometimes there are feelings of opportunism; the character becomes eccentric and visionary, led to continuous and sudden changes.

Moon in Pisces

Over-sensitiveness, radical acceptance towards impressions; intense feelings brought to poetic or artistic expression; prolific imagination, easily swayed; inspired character, generosity, empathic understanding. For a woman, an element of delicacy, of anxious femininity willing to get lost in the ocean of emotions. For a man, the search for a sweet and maternal, protective woman. Sometimes it predisposes to neglect, sentimentality, morbid imagination, a lack of initiative and adherence to reality.