The organs as places of radiant energy

Italian version

After learning how to make vital energy flow from individual organs, accumulate it throughout the body and release it in a single explosive act, the time has come to bring together the experiences gained during the previous exercises. This section will present no difficulty if the work has been done diligently.

  • Settle comfortably in your usual āsana.
  • Inhale life energy into an organ of your choice; during exhalation, do not think about anything so that the accumulated energy remains in the organ.
  • Initially, repeat the process seven times. When finished, you should feel some radiance emanating from the organ.
  • Repeat the process in reverse: inhale without thinking about anything and exhale feeling that you are returning all the energy accumulated to the universe; the number of exhalations must correspond to that of inhalations to avoid leaving residual energy traces.
  • At each subsequent session, increase the number of breaths to a maximum of thirty.
  • Once you are familiar with organ practice, experiment at will with other organs and body parts; also, replace the gradual release of energy with an explosive release, starting with small amounts of energy o avoid fatigue on the organs.

Bardon recommends paying particular attention to practice with the hands and eyes; the reason is linked to the transmission of energy from the hands when exercising a curative or blessing activity and to the fascination exerted by the energetically charged eyes. Conversely, the accumulation in the heart and brain is not recommended (but not the simple flow of energy); since they are organs with pre-eminent electrical activity, accumulation is neither necessary nor advisable.

This exercise completes the Step III physical training practices.