God’s anthropomorphic concept exists given our inability, as beings divided from the objective context in which we live, to perceive the intimate union and mutual dependence between the conscience of the observer and phenomena. This connection is the condition for an authentic spiritual experience beyond space and time categories.

Giulio Romano (1499-1546) – The Fall of the Giants, fresco in Sala dei Giganti – Palazzo del Te, Mantua Italy

Italian version

Lacking the sharing of a spiritual reality, God must assume the value of an anthropomorphic being who somehow shares with humanity attributes that make him “knowable” and approachable as a bearer of grace, special grants, etc. The topic is much more articulated and complex because there may be intermediate spiritual conditions or realms that we can experience with adequate preparation. Still, as an introduction to the question, that is sufficient.

The etymological root of the word ‘God’ is the same as that found in the Sanskrit Deva and the Greek Ζεύς (Zeus), hence the Latin Juppiter, with the meaning of ‘light’ or ‘splendour’. Therefore, God is the divine essence reflected in creation, becoming the solar Logos in the astronomical context, the ordering principle from whose light life and vision emanates. By analogy, the Sun in the human sphere becomes the centre of the individual, the ego, where the eye represents the somatic expression of light.

The Sun, the central star unveiling itself in the zodiac sectors (the tropic zodiac, the subdivision of the ecliptic into twelve sectors independent from the original constellations), assumes the core symbolism of the divine creative consciousness. In the horoscope, the Sun becomes an expression of the vital energy linked to the specific birth sign of the person. The individual will acquire at birth an energetic model in analogy to the particular phase of solar radiation on the Earth, which is at the origin of the phenomenon of the seasons. From this point of view, it would be correct to affirm not that God is the anthropomorphisation of the Zodiac, but rather that the Zodiac is the modality through which the spiritual reality (God) manifests itself on the terrestrial plane.