Venus is the planet of affectivity, peceived as the ability to welcome and create harmony between humans in the name of good and beauty

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Venus in Aries

This position features impulsive, enterprising affectivity and a taste for adventure and independence. It’s the kind of blind, unreflective love that leads to multiple relationships. Poor aesthetic sensitivity and aversion to perfectionism make one fickle, prone to passions and sudden separations in critical cases. In a woman, it can mean a taste for adventure and a manly attitude.

Venus in Taurus

Affectivity is warm and sensual, tending to jealousy and exclusivity, to the desire for continuity in love and stable relationships; the aesthetic sense predisposes to practical artistic activities, to the care of beauty; sometimes, excessive sensuality, excessive taste for luxury, emotional vulnerability. For a man, attempting to like can turn into a love disappointment.

Venus Gemini

Affection is subtle, changeable, critical, and intelligent to the detriment of human warmth. Love shows exhibitionist and narcissistic aspects, such as the desire to be loved and admired and simultaneous relationships and bonds. Aesthetics relies on dialectics, sympathy, and charm. Sometimes fickleness, lightness, and erotic restlessness.

Venus in Cancer

Affection is intense, tender, sweet, selfless, and eager for understanding and attention. Relationships are characterised by little practical sense due to the tendency to idealise and fix emotional memories. Aesthetically, the individual plays on fantasy, on the voluptuous taste for beautiful things. At times, a particular emotional vulnerability is a harbinger of unwillingness and changeability.

Venus in Leo

Affectivity plays on distinction, on protective generosity rather than on tenderness. Loves and romantic relationships are based on loyalty and enthusiasm. Aesthetically, a predisposition to the noble arts and taste for luxury, prestige, and fun. They are likely signs of authoritarianism, intrusiveness or exhibitionism in love.

Venus in Virgo

Affection follows the intellect: in a woman, it gives rise to modesty and a man a cold passion; relationships are filtered by reason. Typical characteristics are confidentiality, control, and devotion to relationships. Aesthetic is practical and oriented towards body care; sometimes frigidity, fussiness, sentimental and moralistic hardness, and a tendency to passing adventures.

Venus in Libra

In affectivity, the aesthetic and artistic sense dominates. Courtesy, charm, desire for beauty, love, and demanding relationships where the critical and perfectionist spirit prevails more than pure sentiment. A propensity for social life. In the case of negative aspects, infidelity, vanity, coquetry, and criticism. The relationship is evaluated for the degree of balance it can offer.

Venus in Scorpio

Affectivity is intense, devoid of softness but with a prevalence of erotic and spontaneous impulses. Relationships and acquaintances are complex and uncertain. The native often lives thwarted, dramatic, morbid love. Aesthetic taste links to the arts and analytic activities. In a feminine theme, Venus can mean the capacity for seduction and sensual magnetism.

Venus in Sagittarius

Affectivity is upbeat, simple, generous, and uncomplicated, with peaks of honesty and camaraderie, traditional relationships and guilt in extramarital affairs. Search for an emotional harmony based on an affinity of ideals and loves that broaden one’s knowledge of the world. Sometimes, one cannot defend themselves from amorous deceptions. Aesthetic tendencies connect to philosophical and religious concepts or attraction to the arts and travel.

Venus Capricorn

The affections are reasoned, prudent, reflective, severe, and far from excesses and ornaments, emotional harmony links to the essential. There is no aptitude for externalising affections;  instead, there is the search for a solid, lasting, true union. In critical cases, loneliness, frustrations, sadness, practical exploitation of affections, and misanthropy. Aesthetics pays attention to the basics.

Venus in Aquarius

Affectivity is flexible, understanding, and unconventional. Relationships rely upon independence, insufficient acceptance of marital life, and intolerance towards relationships that do not consent to a free loving expression. The aesthetic sense is intuitive and cerebral. Sometimes, sentimental oddities, sexual curiosity, overindulgence.

Venus in Pisces

Affectivity is a romantic, lyrical and dreamy exaltation of sensibility. Relationships are based on emotional sharing. The musical, pictorial, and poetic arts inspire and attract the aesthetic sense. Often the native lacks practical purposes, is confused and has affective disorders, and tends to follow emotional currents without bothering to direct them.