The manifestations of Martian energy in the twelve zodiac signs

Cristoforo de Predis – Mars, miniature from ‘De Sphaera’, 15th century – Modena, Estense Library

Italian version

Mars in Aries

The energy and actions are preferably directed towards a few selected goals, with an underlying instinct that hardly allows you to deviate from the objective. It is a position in which the planet naturally expresses the innate impulse to overcome individual barriers to launch itself decidedly beyond the personal horizon. On the positive side, it represents the individual with decision-making skills but acting unilaterally. On the negative side, it is the image of those who work without thinking about the consequences. The ideal man for a woman embodies the warrior spirit. There is a propensity for injuries and lacerations, especially in the head.

Mars in Taurus

The impulsive energy sometimes unleashes wildly, with blind rage. Even if the aggression is dampened and directed towards utilitarian achievements or material and hedonistic satisfaction, it tends to smoulder, undergoing a process of slow accumulation that is released in unpredictable and uncontrollable accesses. The energy becomes constructive and leads to practical and safe results in positive aspects. On the negative side, it shows intolerant and rigid attitudes. For a woman, attraction towards a reliable and helpful man. There is a tendency to inflammatory throat disorders.

Mars in Gemini

Energy is meant to express itself in the mental realm, so this position provides a solid stimulus for all kinds of dialectical and intellectual manifestation. In particular, the individual with this configuration stands out for their strength and communicative effectiveness, for their commitment to affirm their own opinions and ways of seeing, for the speed of intellectual expression, for their subtle irony. On the negative side, there is an excess of critical sense, the attitude to dispute and quibble, mental and verbal sadism. The ideal man for a woman is endowed with lively and sparkling intelligence. There is a propensity for bronchitis and psychomotor agitation.

Mars in Cancer

Energy undergoes emotional and sensitive currents, is influenced by moods and is inclined to follow the suggestions arising inwardly rather than reacting immediately to external circumstances. Instinct becomes unrealistic, adventure-oriented, influenced by dreams and memories; the action is directed towards the inner shores and the recovery of past situations. An underlying shyness holds back sexuality. On the negative side, states of endogenous anxiety, perception of imaginary dangers, unmotivated fears. For a woman, attraction to gentle and sensitive men. Digestive disorders are likely.

Mars in Leo

Energy is placed at the service of achievements that in some way lead to ennoble and enhance one’s acts or one’s individuality, such as courageous actions, thriving businesses, etc. It is a type of outward attitude that favours generosity, altruism, kindness, chivalrous behaviour; there is also a willingness to act for a reason and not just instinctively. On the negative side, excess of muscular attitudes, arrogance, anger. For a woman, attraction for bright and self-confident men. There is a tendency to have heart rhythm disturbances.

Mars in Virgo

The energy of Mars follows the scrutiny of reason; it does not lose its effectiveness, but on the contrary, becomes tremendously productive, lucid, capable of dealing with active situations without dispersions or hesitations of any kind. It is a way of acting that pursues a military strategy, seeking victory, not on the battlefield but by making a rational decision. On the negative side, over-discipline can lead to inhibition that conducts to impulsiveness and anarchy, to the disorder that follows the disproportionate repression of instincts. The ideal man for a woman must give the security of regular life. There is a tendency for intestinal infections.

Mars in Libra

This position of Mars weakens the typical energy of the planet, which here is at ease only if it manages to undertake a conciliatory and diplomatic path, capable of balancing adverse positions, distributing resources on several fronts rather than focusing on personal achievements. Mars is fair here; it prefers to create agreements and unions rather than go to war because its great strength is evaluation. On the negative side, the uncertainty about the course of action to follow causes hesitation. The ideal man for a woman knows how to show affection and considers his partner. There is a propensity for kidney disease.

Mars in Scorpio

It is the position of the passionate warrior. Mars in Scorpio loves drama as well as the sexual expression of love. Its energy prefers to work deep inside rather than express itself openly. Passions are upsetting or nagging, prey to complexity and ambivalence. The actions dig deep until the problem is solved, giving little weight to the side effects. The important thing is to reach the core of things, even at the expense of self-destruction. The ideal man for a woman must be passionate and emotionally complex. There is a tendency for infections of the genital tract.

Mars in Sagittarius

Energy is directed towards idealistic challenges. Mars needs to fight for a cause, a moral imperative, a philosophical or spiritual principle in this position. There is passion, revolutionary dynamism, attraction for adventurous travel. Instinct tends to express itself best in a social and hierarchical context or sports competitions. Sexuality is passionate, spontaneous and flexible but ready to die out once conquest occurs. On the negative side, we can observe an oversimplification in judgments, a tendency to insurrections in extreme cases. For a woman, attraction for athletic men or men with high ideals. Propensity to suffer trauma to the hip joints.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars, exalted in the sign of Capricorn, manifests strong and lasting energy; action does not provide immediate results but can focus and endure trials. With this position, we don’t aim to satisfy the spur of the moment but instead look to ambitious goals that take time to achieve. Sexuality is contained but lasting. On the negative side are rude attitudes, stubbornness, a vindictive spirit that lasts over time, difficulty in evading one’s responsibilities. The ideal man for a woman must be reliable, rational, faithful, able to establish a relationship forever.A tendency to fracture is likely, especially in lower joints.

Mars in Aquarius

The energy of Mars becomes almost Promethean; action seeks utopian and impossible challenges outside the framework of everyday human experience. Aggression loses its impulsive disposition and moves instead towards spiritual and ideal achievements or adventurous experiences. Sexuality tends to be more cerebral than physical. On the downside, overconfidence leads to destructive actions or the risk of falling from great heights. For a woman, attraction for the nonconformist man – or a man of genius – who leans towards unions and bonds that are not too demanding. Propension to problems with the venous system and ankle joints.

Mars in Pisces

Energy is subject to emotional fluctuations, with alternating passive moments and decisional impulses. Unrealistic actions that do not reach the goal. Romantic ventures are dictated by nostalgia. A sublimation of instinct leads to the conquest of creative, collective, religious or spiritual purposes. On the negative side, disorderly and turbulent aggression. Sexuality hinges on seduction rather than performance. For a woman, propensity for romantic and ideal loves, looking for a partner towards whom an elective affinity develops. There is a tendency towards bronchopulmonary affections.