Mercury is the symbol of the intellectual faculties, of the ability to create a mental link between the self and the objects perceived by senses based on the model proposed by the Zodiac sign.

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Mercury in Aries

A lively, intuitive, creative spirit; brilliant ideation; curiosity and enthusiasm, little interest in logical deepening and concentration, mental impetuosity, susceptibility, systematic contradiction, sometimes choleric mistrust.

Mercury in Taurus

Practical, stable intellect, fixity of ideas, mental speculation suitable for concentration but lacking in surge capacity; interest in material conquering; in some cases abulic tendencies, opacity, slow reflexes, stubbornness.

Mercury in Gemini

Quick intelligence, shrewdness, cunning, sense of humour; mental refinement, eloquence, sense of actuality, sometimes volubility. Mental dispersion, nervousness, wiliness, a tendency to indifference in terms of in-depth analysis.

Mercury in Cancer

Emotional deepening of intellectual data, strong imagination, memory, intuition, psychic receptivity to the environment; traditionalist and conservative mental orientation; when sensitivity prevails, intelligence becomes childish or chaotic, intellect and imagination become unstable.

Mercury in Leo

Brilliant intelligence, open conceptions; the mind is well organised; dominating eloquence, synthetic ideas, limited logical insight, grandiose ideas that sometimes border on despotism and wrong ambitions with limits placed on objectivity and critical sense.

Mercury in Virgo

Intellect where reasoning, clarity, analysis, the systematic and comprehensive aspect prevail; mental attention to detail, to the particular, to the technical side; side effects can lead to lack of feeling in thought, mischievousness, inner-directedness and inability to communicate.

Mercury in Libra

Selective intelligence tends to deepen all aspects of a problem, ease of expression, evaluation skills and tolerant soul, ability to discriminate, and sense of formal balance. Sometimes hints of snobbery, excess elaboration and poor concentration.

Mercury in Scorpio

Critical, acute, penetrating intelligence, prone to the instinctive analysis of problems; the mind willingly relies on intuition and premonition, on tenacity and strategy, on an intellectual adventure, with the risk of feeding the provocative and sarcastic spirit.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Intelligence brought to coordination, and mental organisation, inclined to synthesis rather than analysis. Learning is not the result of experience but adaptation to a guiding thought, to an ideal that makes one versed in philosophising; simple spirit, minor-attracted to complications, risks of naivety and little sense of circumstances.

Mercury in Capricorn

Reflective and patient intelligence leads to the development of essential lines, intellectual penetration, logical and mathematical application. The excess of rationality can point to pedantry, mental hardness and mental restlessness.

Mercury in Aquarius

Eclectic, inventive, brilliant intelligence denotes a libertarian and Promethean spirit, a mind organisation that relies on cerebral finesse and the perception of similarities and resonances between things. Sometimes risks of intricacy, utopianism, opportunism and nervous breakdowns.

Mercury in Pisces

Intelligence is often unprepared to deal with practical things, better suited to intuitively grasp and share; contemplative mind, all-encompassing understanding. Sometimes the inability of mental coordination prevails, together with duplicity, agitation and anxiety.