An alternative to cause-effect relationship

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Astrology is founded on the fundamental assumption that there is an interaction between the phenomenon and the observer. According to the astrological perspective, the celestial sphere and human consciousness are part of the same process. Therefore, we can’t tell if there is a planetary influence, as some proponents suggest.

Two mechanisms demonstrate the correlation between consciousness and reality. Planets and stars can be studied scientifically since they are perceived to exist independently of our cognition. Scientific research is based on an objective analysis of the physical world, using theoretical statements to validate observations and facts. This approach is legitimate and valuable in everyday life.

In contrast, the practice of astrology posits that the physical world does not exist independently of our observations. This notion is akin to the principles of quantum mechanics. Astrological factors are considered symbolic reflections of our reality and do not require a causal bond. The universe and human consciousness share a common process, and astrology can be explained as a symbol that contributes to our collective consciousness rather than as a distinct practice.


      1. ‘Coming into existence’ means to turn into a spatial and temporal condition from an atemporal and adimensional state. At that very moment, any being, or world-system (the universe) starts cycling and goes through a controllable sequence made of birth, growth, evolution, and decline, and our ‘burping’ Sun with its planets is no exception.