There isn’t any ‘influence’ because a cause-effect relationship is not at stake.

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Astrology is entirely based on the assumption that the phenomenon and the observer interact with each other. From an astrological point of view, the celestial sphere and our awareness join the same process: that’s why we can’t tell there is a planetary influence, as someone suggests.

Two mechanisms show us the connection between our awareness and the surrounding reality. Relatively speaking, planets and stars exist separately from our consciousness and, as such, are subject to scientific investigation. Scientific thinking is based upon an objective analysis of things as they are, through a theoretical statement giving some validity to facts and experimental observations; that’s how we live and think, and it’s legitimate because it turns out to be very useful in everyday life.

On the other hand, astrology undermines the opinion that the physical world exists independently of our observations (such as quantum mechanics, for instance). Consequently, astrological factors act as a symbolic mirroring of the reality we belong to, not requiring a causal bond. The universe and human consciousness share the same process so that we can explain astrology, not in a distinctive sense, but rather as a symbol taking part in our unitary conscience.


      1. ‘Coming into existence’ means to turn into a spatial and temporal condition from an atemporal and adimensional state. At that very moment, any being, or world-system (the universe) starts cycling and goes through a controllable sequence made of birth, growth, evolution, and decline, and our ‘burping’ Sun with its planets is no exception.