The harmonisation of microcosm and macrocosm

Italian version

In this exercise, we draw an analogy between the four Elements and the main regions of the human body. Specifically, the Earth Element corresponds to the lower limbs up to the sacrum, the genitals, the hands, and the wrists. The Water Element includes the internal organs in the abdominal region up to the diaphragm, as well as the forearms and elbows. The Air Element is related to the chest region, lungs, heart, and neck. Finally, the Fire Element is associated with the head, all its organs, and the upper part of the arms and shoulders.

Although Bardon does not provide a detailed explanation for these assignments, they are relatively easy to comprehend. The lower limbs, responsible for support and counteracting gravity, are linked to the Earth Element. The Water Element, known for its universal solvent properties and playing an essential role in digestion and metabolism, is associated with the internal organs of the abdominal region. The rhythmic movement of the lungs and heart muscle is responsible for the distribution of atmospheric oxygen in the organism. Lastly, the Element of Fire is linked to the head, representing light and vision and symbolising awareness of the world through sensory perception and cerebral processing.

To practice, follow these steps (assuming you have acquired control of the Elements as described in Step III of Soul Formation):

  • Take a moment to get into your preferred pose (āsana).
  • Take in the Earth Element by breathing deeply through both your lungs and pores (total breathing). Focus on the body parts connected to the Earth, such as the feet, legs, sacrum, genitals, and hands up to the wrists. As you exhale, try not to think of anything. Repeat this process seven times.
  • To maintain the sensation of the Earth Element, focus on the weight and gravity in the Earth region. Then, take seven deep inhalations in the Water region, which includes the abdomen up to the diaphragm and forearm up to the elbow. Repeat this cycle seven times.
  • Ensure that you continue to feel the cooling effects of the Water Element, and repeat this process for the Air region, which includes the chest, lungs, heart, upper arms and shoulders.
  • After establishing the sensation of the Air Element, which represents lightness, move on to the head and focus on the Fire Element, which symbolises heat.
  • Now, you need to be aware of the four sensations in their corresponding regions. Stay conscious of this for at least two minutes during the first exercise and up to five minutes for the following ones.
  • To remove the elemental presence, simply follow the reverse process. Begin with the head and the Fire Element, inhale without any thoughts and exhale the element seven times until it’s entirely expelled. Repeat this process with the other elements. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can eliminate the elements with the explosive release technique.

In contrast to past soul exercises that focused on using only one Element, we now utilise all Elements simultaneously. This technique is crucial in achieving harmony between internal and external energies. By aligning with macrocosmic currents, our physical and soul organisms can reconstruct the constituent elements of the universe on a microcosmic level. Regularly repeating this practice will result in noticeable physical and energetic benefits.