Unleashing one's true personality

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The number 5 is synonymous with Quintessence, the uncreated and spiritual aspect at the basis of material manifestations. In other words, it defines Man, understood not as a sexed being but as an anthropic potential that overcomes the barrier of instincts to access self-awareness, a reflection on this plane of the divine essence. This essence, in which the individual participates, is expressed as creativity, the ability to manifest one’s uniqueness through a series of original acts and expressions; it is the attitude to define one’s true self in the world of forms, thus integrating essence into substance. That is the path that each of us should undertake. However, it is also true that improper use of the creative potential inevitably leads to an excessively libertarian interpretation of one’s existence, especially in a selfish and individualistic sense. The symbolism of the number 5 is part of the fifth card of the Tarot (the Pope), in astrology of Leo’s sign and the Fifth House.

The pentacle or pentagram (five-pointed star) is a further example of applying the number 5 to esoteric symbolism. In the version with the single vertex at the top, it inscribes the human figure with open arms, like the famous Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci [1]; it is the image of the emancipated human being, free to pursue a vision of existence in harmony with the divine. On the other hand, the pentagram with the only vertex at the bottom inscribes the head of the goat, an expression of nature separated from its spiritual origin and supported by pure personal impulse.

The richness of images and meanings of this numerical symbolism would suggest that the quintile – whose complete vibrational form is that of a pentagon – must play an essential role in the natal chart. However, as a secondary aspect, it is not emphasised; the traditional interpretation places the most significant emphasis on the major aspects, relegating the quintile to a difficult position to manage due to its subtle meanings. But like all minor aspects, the quintile is rehabilitated by changing perspective and adopting the harmonics technique [2].

The quintile aspect covers a longitudinal arc of 72 °, with a maximum orbital deviation of 1-2 degrees. When used in the interpretation, it assumes the meaning of talent, in total harmony with the symbols represented by the number 5. Talent means the innate ability to exploit the teachings acquired in life – with study or practice – adapting them to one’s expressive modalities. The talented individual becomes the vehicle of their art or science, abandoning personal aims to devote entirely to higher aspirations. But, as we have seen in the case of the upside-down pentagram, intuitive skill sometimes leads to seeking the applause and praise of others or being overly perfectionist.

The difficulty encountered with the quintile in an interpretation based on the major aspects is perhaps more apparent than real. Let us consider what we have examined so far: the conjunction is synonymous with integration (and in its critical aspects of undifferentiation); opposition represents confrontation/conflict; the trine is the harmonisation of planetary dynamics, while the square involves the effort and sacrifices necessary to act on the material plane. The quintile symbolises control over the four constituent elements of the human being, the peak experience of the individual who unifies their potential thanks to a creative realisation; it is the manifestation of the intuitive abilities that allow the subject to express their true nature. In the higher stages of fulfilment, the aspect is synonymous with who lives in communion with the spirit. However, it generally defines the degree of mastery in some field of knowledge, art or practical applications.

For example, a Moon-Neptune quintile brings out the creative imagination, artistic originality, and the ability o live one’s dreams vividly. With a Sun-Mars aspect, the intuitive ability to make quick decisions suited to the circumstances prevails, along with skill in sports or activities. The Mercury-Saturn quintile favours the gift of synthesis and inspiration in creating highly innovative forms, models and concepts. Venus and Uranus reveal the innate passion for expressive emancipation in the arts and love, the search for the unusual and the bizarre as a way to freedom. These brief examples do not purport to be exhaustive; however, they indicate with sufficient clarity the guidelines to follow to deepen the symbology of the aspect.