The rediscovered harmony

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The trine is the only major aspect that designates the relationship between the three evolutionary planes of the same element based on their zodiacal assignment. From this, we understand its predominantly harmonic nature, the result of the manifestation of planetary functions on the common ground of a single element. The evolution of the elements is represented by the transition from their primary state (Aries-Fire; Taurus-Earth; Gemini-Air; Cancer-Water) to that in which the elements (associated with the signs of Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio) play a role of mediation and passage to the next phase. While Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces express the final and subtle aspect of the elemental manifestation. We can thus summarise the zodiacal sign-element relationship in the trine aspect:

  • Aries-Leo-Sagittarius: primordial fire / individual fire / collective or spiritual fire.
  • Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn: earth of nourishment / earth of production / earth of consolidation.
  • Gemini-Libra-Aquarius: air of exchange / air of balance / air of communion.
  • Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces: gestation water / dissolution water / rebirth water.

As for the figure of the triangle, specific for the trine aspect, we note that it is the first closed geometric shape obtainable from the intersection of lines on a plane. Its symbolic meaning refers to the formative part of the manifestation, to the dualism of the opposition, which resolves in the union of differences. The triangle is the geometric representation of the number 3 (the ternary), the spirit expressed in life due to the neutralisation of opposites. For the process to be completed, the polarities must come together harmoniously and creatively; that is, they must reach a balanced expression, as indicated by the figure of the equilateral triangle.

In the natal interpretative framework, we generally consider the 120° aspect between two planets or sensitive points to be positive because it reconciles apparently distant psycho-physical functions. Think, for example, of a Moon-Saturn trine which, based on the dominant position, generates emotional stability, or, on the contrary, which softens excesses of rigour; or again, to Mars-Pluto, a sign of vitality aimed at a goal. A Venus-Uranus trine between Libra and Aquarius, signs in which the two planets are domiciled, will indicate a higher or sublimated emotional dedication to the benefit of many. However, the same aspect between Scorpio and Pisces, with Venus in its position of Exile, can portend a particular disorder not free from complications in the expression of affections, that is, an accentuated experimental propensity. It does not mean that the trine, in this case, offers a negative manifestation, but simply that the individual must know how to make the most of the evolutionary opportunities provided to them without indulging excessively in the selfish satisfaction that the aspect offers them.

In summary, if we want the trine to become a driving force in self-understanding, we must grasp the higher octave of the planets that form it and get their deep symbolism rather than dwell on their pure worldly expression. We also believe that the situation on the ground is more complex; in many cases, the trine emerges as a support for simultaneous critical aspects, such as in the presence of squares or oppositions. In this case, it may not indicate an escape route from a problematic situation as much as a lever to deal with a particularly painful psychic knot or destiny.

The trine aspect rarely exhibits noticeable effects in forecasting techniques, such as transits. That largely depends on our perception, which considers harmonic flows a normal and desirable condition that does not give rise to attention spikes. Since they cover a usually long period, the transits of slow planets generate an atmosphere that favours the occurrence of events attested by the accompanying transits of fast and semi-slow planets. This possibility is emphasised when it comes to a recurring aspect in the birth chart.

The fact changes radically in the case of a transpersonal reading of transits. Here, the passage of the Sun and the inner planets (Mercury-Venus) in trine on the sensitive places of the birth horoscope is comparable to the regular repetition of specific physical or psychic mechanisms that guarantee a state of coenesthetic well-being, helpful in dealing with dynamics of the moment. Mars represents the energy balance condition, that is, the absence of energy dispersion. Slow planets represent evolutionary opportunities; these are the more significant, the less the trine is frequent in the course of existence, as in the aspects between slow planets.