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The sign of Aries (March 21 – April 20) opens the cycle of the seasons with the spring equinox, the origin of the creative movement. After the winter stasis, the shoots emerge from the ground, and nature ascends with its fruits towards the sunlight. The vegetative forms are still immature and undifferentiated; however, they grow, quickly showing their immense life potential.

Aries individuals make spring-like spontaneity a distinctive way of being. In their existence, secondary considerations play no relevant role. What matters is to act following the linear direction of one’s energy, the uninterrupted flow of vitality. Psychologically, their conduct is relatively unambiguous: they are impulsive, have decision-making ability, and little weight is given to the accessory elements. If the inner resistances hinder the energy, psychosomatic reaction or traumatic symptoms also occur on a psychological level.


The physical type is characterised by a specific attitude of harshness and an elementary, albeit effective, response to external stimuli. In the absence of an adequate evolutionary impulse, the action of Aries is magmatic, chaotic, and strongly impulsive in obtaining objectives aimed at a direct result.

The soul type embodies the prototype of the warrior, the leader, and the one who acts by riding the wave of their energy, imposing themselves on others for the security they demonstrate. They are the example of a life dedicated to achieving a goal, not necessarily for personal purposes, but to manifest their great vital potential.

The spiritual type achieves a measured balance of action and contemplation: their acts are not impulsive but dictated by a profound and selfless knowledge of universal laws. The energy is still present, but it is no longer tied to the level of instincts; they thus become a manifestation of a creative potential dedicated to beings.

Analogies and correspondences

Metal Iron, steel
Precious stones Diamond, ruby, amethyst
Minerals Obsidian, sulphur, pyrite, silica, magnet
Flora Tulip, gladiolus, honeysuckle, hazel, cedar, dogwood, pepper tree, acanthus, garlic, mustard, nettle
Fauna Tiger, jaguar, panther, wolf, greyhound, eagle, rooster, sparrowhawk, woodpecker
Perfumes Myrrh, resins, fragrant woods
Taste Burning
Resonances The trumpets
Colours Vermilion red
Day Tuesday
Hour 5/7 am. Thr sunrise
Number 5
Regions England, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Burgundy, Palestine, Syria, Japan, French Brittany, Upper Silesia (today region of Southern Poland)
Cities Birmingham, Florence, Ancona, Naples, Verona, Padua, Ferrara, Marseille, Capua (province of Caserta), Krakow, Zaragoza, Utrecht (Netherlands), Brunswick (Germany – Lower Saxony), Bergamo, Lindau (Germany – Bavaria)


A man is facing the spears of an army (courage and risk in the service of the domain).