A new look for the sign of Pisces

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As I mentioned in an earlier post related to Virgos, one should never underrate or belittle a zodiac sign due to its supposed inherent weakness or judge it as uninteresting because of our way of thinking. In this case, I presume that ‘underrated’ relates to the musing and emotional nature the sign conjures up as if to say that it’s unlikely a Pisces will succeed in social life or practical things.

As per seasonal symbolism, the sign of Pisces depicts the transition phase between the retreating winter and the preparing spring where the seed, after the winter stasis, undergoes a slow process of transformation which the development of the sprout will follow. However, the result is, for now, undetermined: the seed ceases to exist, but the new shoot has not yet assumed its form.

Pisces’ characteristics largely reflect the transition phase marking the decline of winter; they embody the breadth of the field of consciousness and psychic permeability. Like the seed on the verge of spring eruption, their nature is open, pliable, extremely sensitive and receptive to impressions. Indeed, their lack of actual limits of consciousness is peculiar, so they tend to live in chaos rather than in an organised world.

Mayhem and uncertainty seem, therefore, the reason why Pisces’ individual is socially and individually underrated. Is it really so? They appear devoid of any factual foundation, but they rule the seed’s potential, the essence of what will be in the opposite sign of Virgo. Pisces supplies the raison d’etre of Virgo’s manifestation; they are the Word made flesh, to use a biblical metaphor.

How will Pisces evolve in real life? Based on their maturity, they will live without schemes or outside of them, changeable, unstable, romantic, often the victim of the randomness of the events. In other cases, while retaining a vast psychic structure, they will nevertheless be able to juggle their daily lives skillfully, albeit with the regret of having only partially realised their dreams. In the best scenario, they will realise the ideal of compassion, the capacity to love and give freely without compensation. Keep in mind this is a broad generalisation; the individual’s traits definition requests the observation of numerous astrological factors.