In the seasons’ symbolism, the sign of Pisces (February 19 – March 20) represents the transition phase between the retreating winter and the preparing spring. Nature is still bare, but after the winter stasis, the seed undergoes a slow process of transformation which the sprout’s development will follow. However, the result is undetermined: the seed ceases to exist, and the sprout has not yet assumed its form.

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These individuals reflect the transition phase that marks the decline of winter; they are distinguished by the breadth of the field of consciousness and psychic permeability. Like the seed on the verge of spring outburst, its nature is open, malleable, extremely sensitive and receptive to impressions. Indeed, his lack of actual limits of consciousness is peculiar, so he tends to live in rich chaos rather than in an organised world.

The physical type is par excellence, an illogical, devoid of any actual foundation and existential limit; he lives without schemes or outside of them. They are typically hypersensitive, changeable, unstable, romantic, dreamers. He is the stateless person of the zodiac, often a victim of imaginative currents and the randomness of events.

The soul type seeks and finds refuge from vital chaos through intuition and the perception of emotional currents. While retaining an extensive psychic structure, he can skillfully juggle the conduct of daily life.

The spiritual type realises the ideal of compassion; they will devote their existence to the self-giving gift of self, the ability to love and give freely without compensation, philanthropy, and the sacrifice which has as its aim the supreme union of all beings.

Analogies and correspondences

MetalZinc, tin
Precious stonesAquamarine, coral
MineralsChalcedony, pumice stone
FloraHydrangea, hawthorn, wild anemone, cyclamen, periwinkle, primrose, begonia, camellia, violet, elm, maple, plane tree, flax, lemon, lotus, poppy, purple orchid, alga, fern
FaunaOctopus, seahorse, heron, swan, poodle, heifer
ResonanceOcarina, fife, triangle
ColoursDull yellows, purple, blue, lilac, shades from light blue to blue
RegionsCalabria (Italy), Normandy, Galicia, Portugal, Nubia (today Sudan and southern Egypt), Lydia (today western Turkey), Cilicia (today Asian Turkey), Sahara desert
CitiesRouen, Seville, Compostela, Worms, Regensburg, Bournemouth (Dorset – UK), Alexandria, Lancaster