There is a frequent misunderstanding about Virgos

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For some reason, Virgos do not meet the criteria to be considered on par with the other signs. Because that’s how it is?

“Being boring” is not a fault: it is an opinion that comes from our idea of “boredom”. In many cases, our lifestyle aims to achieve a successful social position, or perhaps we would like to be considered brilliant, admired, highly skilled people. Since Virgo is a sign that channels meanings of accuracy, precision, reasoning and so on, it is easy for us to label such qualities as “boring” and unattractive.

But let’s consider the zodiac as a whole; we will see that Virgo – according to seasonal symbolism – is as necessary as the harvesting of crops for our survival. Virgo “separates the wheat from the chaff” and makes our food suitable for human consumption; in a word, it completes the opposite sign of Pisces, the unexpressed potential of the seed. As a result, Virgos are known to be practical, meticulous, logical, and steadfast. They are the builders of everyday life.

To address every aspect of the matter, and do justice to Virgos, let’s try to define the “boredom point” for each sign or how they bore us:

  1. Aries: They go one-way.
  2. Taurus: materialistic, obsessed with acquisition.
  3. Gemini: They lack depth.
  4. Cancer: sentimental, overly emotional.
  5. Leo: self-centred, egomaniac.
  6. Virgo: a demanding and complex person to please.
  7. Libra: They suffer from unconditional self-esteem.
  8. Scorpio: a tricky individual.
  9. Sagittarius: overly visionary and ideological.
  10. Capricorn: too rational.
  11. Aquarius: unintelligible and way above our heads.
  12. Pisces: a dreamer.