The aspect of quintile is all about innovation and creative outlet potentials.

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I’m not well acquainted with minor aspects in astrology, nor do I have sufficient data at my disposal to give an interpretation based on facts. I’m aware of their importance, but the so-called minor or lesser aspects need a more subtle comprehension and analysis level. Stated otherwise, combining major and minor aspects in a natal chart could bring about a bit of uncertainty in the regular chart examination; nevertheless, we can examine the aspect by its symbolism.

The quintile is based on dividing a 360° circle by five and occurs between two planets or points that are 72° apart. Thus, its meaning is analogically related to the fifth house and the fifth Tarot card, The Hierophant or The Pope. It says about the individual’s creativity and capacity to turn inspiration and opportunities into actual acts because the quintile is a middle ground between the sextile (60°) and the square (90°). In a word, the aspect represents creative achievements.

The Hierophant is the card of spiritual power; on a material level, it denotes vocation and mastery and a strong desire to fulfil expectations.

The Midheaven represents the evolutionary process’s peak experience: the social or professional success rate and the possibility of spiritual evolution.

Consequently, a quintile with Midheaven states the vital necessity of reaching one’s goals and objectives, creating opportunities through creative work. Hence, a quintile of a planet with Midheaven will express the crucial need of achieving purposes and aims, creating opportunities through some creative aptitude. For example, a quintile with Midheaven of Venus in the 7th House will encourage non-conventional relationships allowing both partners to combine their creative or artistic flair.