True believers also have fun

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Astrology, as a subject, often attracts many followers who believe in its predictive powers without fully comprehending its intricacies. My experience as an astrologer has led me to think that the belief in astrology is often driven by emotional reactions, hopefulness, and the desire to ward off negative thoughts. However, it is essential to understand that astrology is much more than that.

Astrology is a practice that aims to change one’s relationship with the surrounding reality by using an astrological symbolic model. It requires taking accountability for one’s decisions in a stressful and often challenging way, but this is a crucial part of personal growth. In contrast, a statement such as “My horoscope predicted good fortune for me this month” reflects a complete acceptance of an unchangeable situation where one has no control.

In essence, embracing astrology entails relinquishing our attachments and uncovering the reality that the objectives and desires we have been holding onto are not our genuine selves but rather a facade that safeguards us from the apprehension of leading an authentic life; that is, a life in which we acknowledge – and comprehend – our fate as an integral component of our evolutionary journey.

Then, you can also have fun …