As an astrologer, I realised that many of these so-called ‘believers’ do it for fun, for they don’t fully understand the subject. I’m saying that to believe in astrology is often a matter of emotional reactions, being hopeful that things will be better, driving away evil thoughts, etc. Unfortunately, astrology is not to be supposed this way.

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Astrology is essentially a practice working to change the relationship between an individual and the surrounding reality through the symbolic astrological pattern. It involves taking responsibility for our actions in a very stressful and often painful way, but this is part of the process of growing up. On the contrary, a comment such as “My horoscope said I’m going to be lucky this month” reveals a total acceptance of a situation we cannot change whatsoever and where we have no control.

Ultimately, approaching a horoscope means to give up our attachments, finding that goals and desires we have been clinging to are not our real self, but rather a mask defending us against the fear of living an authentic life; that is, a life where we accept – and understand – our destiny as part of our evolutionary process.

Then, you can also have fun …