The final phase of the elemental harmonisation exercises

Italian version

The last elemental preparation exercise for Step Four requires little explanation, provided that the tasks proposed earlier have been mastered.

In contrast to pure accumulation, achieved through the inhalation of Elements for a limited number of times, saturating the body space, condensation involves the intensification of accumulation in a body region by increasing the number of inhalations. This process is analogous to the physics of states of matter, whereby condensation occurs when water vapour condenses on a surface, forming drops of water or when a gas is compressed up to the liquid phase. In essence, condensation involves a higher concentration of the Elements in the same space than merely the presence of the Elements in a single organ or body part.

The process outlined in this exercise is identical to that described in the accumulation exercise, also regarding the phase of release of the Elements, whether gradual or explosive. Instead of limiting oneself to seven inhalations in each step, one should increase the number of inhalations by one and solicit the capacity of the various body regions without forcing them. As previously stated, if performed correctly and continuously over time, this practice offers undeniable benefits from physical, soul, and mental perspectives. Moreover, the resulting elemental harmonisation is a critical requirement for success in subsequent levels, which involve projecting the Elements into external objects or living beings.