Time to refine the work done on soul flaws

Italian version

Once the work of assigning defects to the Elements has been completed, which will undoubtedly have required a strenuous cataloguing effort, it is time to pass the obtained result under the microscope. The aim is to separate the defects based on their weight and importance in our evolutionary path.

Is it possible to apply a single criterion to carry this division forward? Not really. We can give a general indication to divide the defects based on their power to condition the expression of personality and character. But as individuals, and not as statistical models, we must recognise our uniqueness and learn to grasp those aspects of us that leave a deep imprint and block ethical and spiritual perfection. These are out-and-out attractors able to prevent the correct use of the energies of transformation and generate myriads of psychic sub-addictions on which it isn’t easy to concentrate.

Step I requires, as far as soul work is concerned, the emphasis on listing and cataloguing individual psychic traits; the transformation process is only relevant to Step II, so for now, what has been said is sufficient. However, we must try to make the utmost effort to divide the defects because the order in which we begin the change process will depend on it. Again, perfection is not required here, just constant and sincere commitment.

On the practical side, there isn’t much to say. In your notebook or notepad, create five columns (for the four Elements plus the “Other” column), each of which you must divide into three parts to report defects, divided by Element, based on their importance; the process shouldn’t take more than a week. With this part, the work on the soul flaws can be said to be concluded.