The principle of expansion in the twelve zodiac signs
Cristoforo de Predis – Jupiter, miniature from ‘De Sphaera’, 15th century. – Modena, Estense Library

Italian version

The transit of Jupiter in the zodiac signs lasts about a year. Consequently, the following descriptions should not be understood as precise indications of fate but rather as tendencies shared by the entire population born in that period.

Jupiter in Aries

Love of freedom, spontaneous search for truth, a potential tendency to be a leader in philosophical or religious subjects. The social instinct naturally expresses a force that wants to control and coordinate its way of expanding into the world. Collective activity is vital, well-coordinated, and can give a somewhat reckless but constructive optimism. Sometimes this position is an expression of paternalistic tendencies.

Jupiter in Taurus

Excessive food consumption and appetite for life. Tendency to property, propensity for material gain, financial prosperity and capital movements. Professional activities related to agriculture, breeding and food trade. Artistic proclivities, breadth of aspirations. There is a constant search for truth, loyalty and abundance. The general meaning expresses a solid will to assimilate through the exaltation of the senses.

Jupiter in Gemini

The propensity for literary or artistic works finds its possibility of expansion. Writings are undoubtedly preferred, while the expressive capacity is not particularly marked. Commercial aptitudes, often dual interests and a tendency to curiosity towards numerous fields of knowledge, with no propensity for in-depth study. Fortune is favoured by intellectual effort. Generally, the second half of life is more profitable than the first.

Jupiter in Cancer

The family environment is remarkably developed, as is the propensity to cherish traditional values and make use of kindness and generosity. Hedonism, which can be expressed as voluptuousness, also plays an important role. The imagination is especially developed. The propensity to move away from the places of origin is scarce. The expansion occurs in activities linked to the territory of origin or in agricultural and real estate jobs.

Jupiter in Leo

A well-structured social instinct imposes itself with style and sometimes in a hypertrophic way. There is a need to represent something of importance. A taste for the beau geste and generosity. The importance of the ego is magnified. The desire to attract the attention of others with personal charm prevails. There is the pleasure of luxury but also prodigality. On the negative side, this placement can lead to somewhat rowdy exhibitionism, pushiness, careerism, and poor management of one’s assets and strengths.

Jupiter in Virgo

Social activity tends to be organised, morally controlled and civilised, that is, respectful of the needs of others; however, there is a degree of tolerance for the mistakes of others. Thanks to the practical sense, the native’s professional evolution follows the path of managerial and managerial activity, but without showing off, preferring subordinate positions in the hierarchical line. Frequent job changes are possible; sometimes, losses are due to underlings.

Jupiter in Libra

The social instinct is prone to opportunism and careful evaluation of the circumstances, a collaborative spirit,  the multiplication of associative relationships. The appetite is moderate, and gastronomic tendencies are selective. Optimism is reasoned, and sometimes there is doubtful confidence in one’s existential perspectives. Successful brokerage activities, low reliance on fortunate circumstances, propensity for investment distribution and risk sharing. Aesthetic taste is linked to beautiful things. There is a passion for refinement.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Social ambition is fuelled by magnetism, authority and willpower. Bequests and inheritances have an advantage, even if they can give rise to family disputes. Free activities are favoured, especially in the medical, engineering and craft fields. Thanks to the constant use of one’s energy, one can recover from socially delicate situations. Sometimes rash decisions and prodigality result in uncertain financial conditions.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

The social instinct leads to exercising a managerial or executive role, not necessarily by force but thanks to personal enthusiasm. Preferred social and professional activities may vary according to developmental level, ranging from government responsibilities to import-export to jobs requiring a commitment of thought and skills given by higher education. There is a love of camaraderie and long journeys. Adventurous experiences and changes of residence – often abroad – are possible.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Ambition aimed at social elevation and moral or spiritual fulfilment plays an essential role, even if sometimes it is accompanied by the desire for personal power, selfishness and coldness. Politics can play a leading role in one’s interests. Money is treated sparingly. The views are broad but always marked by a certain rigour. The ascent is slow but sure, barring events entirely beyond one’s control.

Jupiter in Aquarius

The native has an unconventional social instinct that aims to carry out humanitarian or philanthropic works, a free spirit and a poor acceptance of hierarchical structures. There are financial liberalities, vagueness in economic matters and poor organisation of resources. Optimism awakens when utopian goals arise. There is a difficulty in planning a coherent line of social development, with a tendency towards opportunism in social and professional choices and actions. The palate is attracted by culinary exoticism.

Jupiter in Pisces

Broad social aspirations; desire for unlimited expansion. Magnanimity, altruism, generosity, abundance; tendency towards indulgence or self-indulgence. In studies, intuition prevails over intellect. They favour the medical professions, jobs related to hospitals and nursing homes, and covert activities, but there is also a penchant for music and painting. Sometimes they show clairvoyant qualities. Luck mitigates the risks due to hidden enemies.