In seasonal symbolism, the sign of Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December) represents the final phase of autumn.

Italian version

Following the vegetative decomposition operated under the auspices of the previous sign, silence hangs over nature: the humus assimilated to the soil creates the favourable conditions to welcome and conserve the seed, the internalised vital energy prepares to make the leap that will bring it beyond the harsh winter stasis.

The sign’s individual analogically embodies the two main characteristics of this seasonal phase: coordination with environmental values and expansiveness, that is, the ability to access the trans-individual aspects of the experience, to go beyond for a future goal. The ancient image of the mythical Centaur shooting an arrow with his human part symbolically represents the union between instinct and higher faculties. In fact, what underlies the Sagittarian psychological process is the constant upward tension, the drive towards elevation and expansion, in a search for identification with the world that leads to the importance of moral and idealistic values or worldly gratifications.


In the Physical type (the animal part of the mythical Centaur), the temperament will be outgoing, friendly, prone to adventure, travel, sensual and gastronomic appetites, sport as competition, comfortable conformism. These generous traits can be counteracted by a hypertrophic nature, which reveals in delusions of grandeur or excessive self-confidence and greed.

The Soul types have qualities of excellent organisers and care for their evolution through cultural interests. They are capable of panoramic vision and can positively look forward and face the circumstances; this ensures considerable success in large companies, trade, economics, import-export, and finance.

Spiritual types live their tensions intimately, aiming at the encounter with themselves, at perfection through an inner or spiritual ideal. However, they prefer realistic philosophical speculation, practical scientific expression, descriptive sciences. They are attracted to social and professional activities that guarantee them a place at the top of a hierarchy.

Analogies e correspondences

Metal Tin
Precious stones Turquoise, garnet, carnelian
Minerals Hyacinth, carbuncle
Flora Cornflower, centaur, anemone, iris, carnation, mulberry, cedar, birch, artichoke, hairy vetch, ash, rowan, quince, pear, peach, verbena
Fauna Deer, giraffe, elephant, fallow deer, peacock, ocelot, greyhound, fox-terrier, zebra
Perfumes Bergamot, cedar, hyacinth, genuine and tasty aromas
Taste Enjoyable
Resonance Saxophone
Colours Purple, violet, electric blue, garnet, yellow; cheerful, lively, healthy colours
Day Thursday
Time 4/5 pm. Mid afternoon
Number 4
Regions Arabia, Australia, Hungary, Dalmatia, Moravia, Tuscany, Cape Finisterre (Spain – Galicia), Provence, Spain, Madagascar
Cities Avignon, Narbonne, Budapest, Cologne, Rottemburg (Germany – Baden Württemberg), Toledo, Stuttgart, Taranto (Italy)

Coat of arms

A musketeer, thief of art objects, on a galloping horse (religious feelings in a rebellious heart).