In seasonal symbolism, the sign of Scorpio (23 October – 22 November) represents a phase of profound transmutation.

Italian version

The vital expression of nature is about to cease, vegetative functions are at a minimum. The falling leaves are the only movement, a prelude to the organic death that hangs over nature. However, in this framework of vegetative dissolution, something new happens: the decomposition products form the humus from which life will draw new life in the next cycle.

In analogy with the natural cycle, the individual of the sign embodies this profound truth: everything that is born must die; nothing is substantially lasting. Their existence takes place along the lines of death and its opposite, eros, the creative force, which generates new life from the ashes of the previous cycle. Psychologically, they will oscillate between the dynamics of destructiveness, understood as a deep and complex emotional involvement in existential situations, and rebirth, the expression at various levels of the erotic charge and sexual drive.


The physical type is an enthusiast prone to feelings that foster complicated, destructive, or self-destructive experiences. Attempts to transform existence go through difficult times without caring too much about the consequences for themselves and others. On the other hand, the vital energies seem inexhaustible.

The soul type is a profound connoisseur of human knowledge due to the subtle use of the intellect. In this case, the energies of transformation are directed towards discovering the meanings of things, which they break down to reveal their significance. They will succeed in artistic and professional pursuits that require research and courage.

The spiritual type understands destruction as the elimination of the bonds with which one is subject to instincts. Their existence turns to the transmutation in a spiritual sense of the primordial forces. Thanks to the spirit of sacrifice, they face the trials of life with indomitable courage. Their purpose is to sublimate the energies that preside over generation creatively.

Analogies and correspondences

Metal Iron
Precious stones Topaz, lapis lazuli
Minerals Hematite, garnet, jasper, porphyry
Flora Poppy, begonia, camellia, dark roses, ireos, oak, apple, turnip, cress, leek, rhubarb, dandelion, gladiolus
Fauna Scorpion, tiger, panther, eagle, sparrow hawk, viper, beetle, dog, snake, wolf, wild boar, mouse, pike, crab
Perfumes Heather, sandalwood, spicy, bitter, exciting scents
Taste Harsh and violent
Resonance Drum
Colours Red and black, rust, bronze green, purplish and raw shades
Day Tuesday
Hour 5/6 pm. The Twilight
Number 5
Regions Algeria. Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sweden, Bavaria, Judea, Cappadocia, Jutland (Denmark), Norway, Catalonia, Transvaal (South Africa)
Cities Aquileia (Italy), Treviso (Italy), Padua, Fez, Frankfurt on the Oder, Dover, Liverpool, Baltimore, Messina, Fréjus, New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Monaco, Newcastle, Halifax (UK – West Yorkshire), Valenza (Italy)

Coat of arms

A man is gutting a wolf (firmness in formulating plans and coldness in implementing them).