Daily routine to maintain good physical shape

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This section appears relatively trivial, as it concerns only the physical aspect at the primary level, and there does not appear to be anything preparatory for future hermetic development. However, we can understand this logic by looking at things from broader perspectives. Hermetic teaching must take place in a balanced way, involving equal measure the practitioner’s mental, emotional, and physical side. Step I constitutes, so to speak, a phase of “warming up” of the three bodies, and the physical whole also requires a series of simple adaptation exercises. Additionally, sticking to a daily exercise routine strengthens willpower, develops positive health attitudes, and increases awareness of one’s body.

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, brush your body with a soft bristle brush until the skin is slightly red; in this way, the pores of the skin open, the nerves and the lymphatic system are stimulated. Then take a cold shower, scrub with a coarse towel until you feel the heat. If there are medical contraindications or you are particularly sensitive, you can use lukewarm water, especially in winter, or wash the upper body only. You should maintain this habit throughout your life.

The idea of the cold shower is not very stimulating, but as already mentioned, it serves to develop an attitude. The basic concept we want to express here is that this is not a specific regime to be followed religiously. However, it is one of the forms it can take, which can vary depending on the ability to adapt and daily circumstances. The important thing is that it constitutes a commitment that requires will and refreshes the body and eliminates fatigue before starting mental and soul practices. Actually, a cold shower is the best system.

The second part of the preparation involves actual physical exercise. The body is the tool that allows us to carry on our activities, to manifest the mental and emotional content of our being on a material level; neglecting it means one day limiting our expressive and evolutionary potential in a spiritual sense. Bardon does not assign any specific activities, as many depend on age, health condition and the like. If you already do physical exercises on your own, there is nothing more to add; otherwise, we recommend a daily regimen of 10-15 m. to tone and keep the musculoskeletal and vascular systems elastic, with some stretching and/or free body exercises. That is also a habit you should keep.