The 3rd House depicts the first communication channel that the individual establishes with the surrounding world.

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The 3rd House is associated with the individual’s communicative aspects that link the self and the surrounding environment. These aspects originate from the faculty of comprehending: to contain within oneself, embrace, and inwardly synthesise the sum of sensory perceptions. Following the stabilisation of the individual in the environmental context expressed by the 2nd House, the next sector extends its integration to the neighbouring elements. We are not dealing here with the conceptual aspects leading to the formulation of abstract relationships and theories, a trait that we will explore in the opposite 9th House; the 3rd House rather expresses the need for a contact of closeness, to participate in the habitat of relevance through physical and mental interrelation.

As a real exchange sector, the 3rd House – whose co-signifier is the sign of Gemini – offers a rich harvest of analogue content. In judicial astrology, the essential meaning is that of brothers and sisters because it is the closest relationship model in the bloodline; later, the relatives, or more specifically the brothers-in-law (brother of the wife or sister of the husband) and cousins. A typical comparison is that of the neighbourhood, the set of people and circumstances with which we share the proximity experience.

Then there are the communication means, namely, all that promoting contacts: transport and vehicles in general when it comes to short-range travel, correspondence, social media and e-mail, publications. The 3rd House verbal or written communication is a relationship aiming to establish contiguity, recognising closeness without committing an in-depth study.

As first of the Cadent Houses, 3rd House symbolises the aspect underlying the succeeding collaboration of the individual with the world of forms: the exchange, here understood as becoming aware of the fundamental interdependence between things. Accessing the dualistic sphere, the individual needs a tool to coordinate their relationships both with the outside and their organism: the nervous system and the brain, which represent the entry and reaction pathways to sensory impressions and the subsequent formative elaboration, to establish a relationship with the objective world.

The union between the 3rd House and Air signs undoubtedly enhances the characteristics of interrelation, both at the level of conversation and meetings. Water signs suggest communications are based more on the unspoken or the intimate bond with things. Fire signs develop a passionate or convincing type of communication, while Earth signs are prone to solid communication attitudes based on specific data and without too many words.