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In the seasonal symbolism, the sign of Aquarius (20 January – 19 February) designates the second phase of winter. The land still retains its icy rigour; nature appears outwardly bare. However, the seed, buried by the snow, opens up to assimilate the surrounding nourishment, starting biochemical osmosis with the fertile humus.

In analogy with the seasonal phase, the sign’s individual holds a universalistic nature. The egocentric values ​​of the opposite sign, Leo, are transmuted into openness towards collective experiences and inter-human communication. Aquarius aims to lose individuality to enter the realm of participation, just like the seed that associates its survival with communion with the earth’s nourishment.

In the physical type, the Aquarian logic is synonymous with adventure, a universal search for all that is unusual, eccentric, revolutionary; a sort of Promethean spirit prevails, which aims at the realisation of absolute freedom through existential improvising.

The astral type is a cerebral individual, apparently separated from earthly accidents, which lives above all on inventive thought, even ingenious, applied to technical and modern concepts.

The spiritual type realises the supreme goal of the sign, the gift of one’s individuality in the joy of a spiritual fulfilment; it is the birth of brotherhood between personal and cosmic and universal needs, a selfless communion among all human beings.

Analogie e corrispondenze

MetalNickel, uranium
Precious stonesSapphire, amethyst, turquoise, black pearl
MineralsLabradorite, corundum, slate
FloraPea flower, violet, orchid, birch, daisy, honeysuckle, fern, poplar, willow, mistletoe, alder, musk, eggplant, boxwood, angelica, mauve
FaunaCrow, stork, donkey, ram, lamb, sheep, seagull, spaniel
PerfumesLavender, vetiver, ancient perfumes
FlavourPenetrating and rare
ResonanceHorn, cello, bagpipe
ColoursPistachio green, milky blue, blue-grey, grey, green, lilac tinged with violet, iridescent marbled reflections, soft and dull colours
Hour2/3 am. Before sunrise
RegionsArabian Peninsula, southern Sweden, Prussia (now part of the Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Switzerland), Piedmont (Italy), part of Bavaria, Circassia (now the northern Caucasus), Westphalia (now North Rhine Westphalia – Germany ), Abyssinia (today Ethiopia), Tartary (today regions of central, north and east Asia), Russia, Sarmatia (today Ukraine), Wallachia (now part of Romania), Denmark
CitiesTrento (Italy), Bremen, Ingolstadt (Germany – Bavaria), Hamburg