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They would have the same growth potentials but not the same destiny.

Let’s start by explaining the meaning of the birth chart: it represents the union between the cosmic image of the individual (given by the positions of planets and luminaries in the zodiac and their mutual relationships) and its reflection in human activities (expressed by the Ascendant and the related house system).

Let us now compare two individuals born in the same place and during the same time interval. Let’s take, for example, a single natal configuration, say Mars in the sign of Sagittarius in the ninth house with no particular critical aspects. The traditional interpretation tells us that such a position of Mars indicates a solid competitive impulse in an athletic or sporting sense, or the need to explore new territories through adventurous travels, or the development of a marked antagonism through political or social commitment. They are destinies that seem dissimilar but that are related to a single symbolism.

But how do we know which of these three paths is going to prevail? Of course, the general state of the theme will provide us with more detailed information. Still, in all cases, even more so in the example of astrological twins, the real hallmark is the genetic, cultural and family substrate that provides an individualised interpretation in conjunction with the celestial event.

Therefore, in the case of our twins, a specific genetic or family predisposition will lead to the possibility of expressing the expansion instinct in a physical sense. At the same time, in the other, the cultural heritage will tend towards more committed choices in the social field. Only the fruit of the union between the terrestrial and celestial aspects allows us to define the direction of destiny with reliable accuracy.