The hierogamy between Heaven and Earth

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While these individuals may share the same development potential, their fates may differ.

The birth chart represents an individual’s cosmic image, which is determined by the positions of the planets and luminaries in the zodiac and their mutual relationships. It reflects the correlation between this image and human activities, manifested through the Ascendant and the associated house system. The chart thus provides insight into an individual’s unique characteristics and potential.

This analysis will compare two individuals born within the exact geographical location and time interval. We will consider a single natal configuration, specifically Mars in the sign of Sagittarius in the ninth house, without any notable critical aspects. According to traditional interpretation, this Mars placement suggests a strong inclination towards competitive activities, such as athletics or sports. Additionally, it implies a desire for adventure and exploration, as well as a likelihood of developing a pronounced antagonism through political or social engagement. Although these destinies may appear dissimilar, they are, in fact, related to a common symbolism.

However, determining which of these three directions will prevail is the genetic, cultural, and familial substrate, which provides an individualised interpretation in conjunction with the celestial event. Although the general state of the chart will give us more detailed indications, the real discriminating factor is the individual’s background and life experiences. This is especially true in the case of astrological twins, where even minor differences in upbringing can result in vastly different life paths.

Hence, the manifestation of the instinct for expansion in a physical sense or inclination towards socially committed choices can be attributed to a particular genetic or familial predisposition in the case of our astral twins. Precisely defining destiny needs a union of earthly and heavenly aspects.