The concept of science applied to astrology

Italian version

For contemporary scientific understanding, the discipline of astrology lacks the necessary scientific basis. It does not conform to the established standards for scientific inquiry, which require rigorous and systematic investigation through theoretical and empirical means to study the mechanisms that govern the physical world.

The convergence of science and astrology involves a study of the relationship between cosmic phenomena and the observer’s consciousness. The latter serves as an organiser of a cosmic vision that would otherwise be meaningless. Essentially, the universe and human awareness are intertwined as part of a single process. This allows us to explain astrological dynamics not in a purely materialistic sense but as signs or symbols that are integral elements of our unitary consciousness.

Of course, this does not prevent astrology from using the tools of the natural sciences, such as the geocentric-ecliptic coordinate systems and planetary ephemeris, nor does it diminish the inherent value of the natural sciences in the areas where they are applied. Instead, astrology provides a supplementary approach to understanding ourselves and the world around us.

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