The concept of science applied to astrology

Italian version

No, not as science is understood today, that is, as an investigation aimed at studying the processes that regulate the sphere of manifest things through the rigorous and theoretical application of knowledge or experimentally.

If we talk about science meeting astrology, we mean an investigation considering the interaction between the phenomenon and the observer’s consciousness. The latter plays the role of organiser of an otherwise meaningless cosmic vision. As if to say that the universe and human awareness are part of a single process, which allows us to explain astrological dynamics not in a purely material and distinctive spirit but as signs or symbols that are integral elements of our unitary consciousness.

Of course, this does not prevent astrology from using the tools of the natural sciences (in this case, the geocentric-ecliptic coordinate systems, planetary ephemeris, etc.), nor does it remove the fundamental value of the natural sciences in the various fields in which it finds application. It is simply a complementary approach to the worldview in the case of astrology.

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