The evaluation of a Fire-Water integration

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Introductory statement: A synastry horoscope is a challenging and complicated task. Therefore, you should understand the following text as an outline.

The Sun in Fire Signs makes people action-prone, with some significant differences:

  • Rapid, spontaneous and impulsive action prevails in Aries.
  • In Leo, the individual’s activity will become self-awareness and self-esteem.
  • In Sagittarius, the individual will engage in lofty or philosophical studies and ideas or devote themselves to broadening their knowledge by travelling.

The Moon in Cancer distinguishes emotional and easy-going characters, able to share feelings of happiness or unhappiness with others.

In general, Sun-Fire and Moon in Cancer combination make the individual very complacent and understanding due to their strength in bearing the emotions of others. An exception arises when the Sun is in Aries: in that case, the patience is lacking, and the requests and feelings of the loved one seem annoying, causing endless discussions.

My advice is: you both agree on many things. Your strength lies in combining personal interests with sensitivity to your partner’s needs; your motto should be “united we resist, divided we fall”. But if one of you has the Sun in Aries, it is advisable to accept your partner’s help without hesitation. Conversely, if you share the same configuration, you should stop fighting to avoid constant disputes.