Introductory statement: a synastry horoscope is a demanding and complicated task. Therefore, the following text should be intended as an outline.

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The Sun in Fire Signs makes people action-prone, with some significant differences:

  • In Aries, swift, spontaneous and impulsive action is prevailing.
  • In Leo, the individual’s activity will become self-awareness and self-esteem.
  • In Sagittarius, the individual will commit to high studies and ideas or devote themselves to expand their knowledge by travelling.
  • The Moon in Cancer distinguishes the emotional and accommodating characters, able to share feelings of happiness or unhappiness with others.

Generally speaking, the union Sun-Fire and Moon in Cancer leads the individual to be very compliant and understanding because of their strength in putting up with others’ emotions. An exception arises when Sun is in Aries: in that case, there’s a lack of patience, and the beloved one’s demands and emotions seem annoying, bringing about never-ending arguments.

My advice is: you both agree on many things. Your strength lies in knowing how to combine personal interests with sensitivity to others’ needs; your motto should be “united we resist, divided we fall”. But if one of you has the Sun in Aries, it is advisable to accept your partner’s help without hesitation. If you both share the same setup, you should stop fighting to avoid constant bickering.