Soulmate connection is not what we think it is

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Even though a synastry occasionally reveals a remarkably close connection between two or more human beings, it is difficult to define such a synastry as a true soulmate phenomenon.

While the term “soulmate” describes, in general, a broad spectrum of relationships, it refers – from an occult point of view – to a particular and uncommon event that intertwines two or more human beings at a specific moment in spacetime. This mutual encounter will directly affect everyone’s life throughout their entire existence.

A soul mate phenomenon can occur as a parent-child, friend, lovers relationship, etc. And there is no guarantee that these relationships are perfect or smooth, nor will the characters involved know they are soulmates. The soulmate relationship is primarily a path of self-improvement, regardless of the circumstances.

On the other hand, a synastry should inspect the potential for an affinity, evaluating the negative aspects as obstacles that prevent relationships from growing. For this reason, a synastry is not fit for purpose – as traditionally understood. The association between souls is indeed a circumstance that the theme of synastry could reveal. But it could appear unfavourable according to the traditional theme interpretation due to karmic needs inherent in a specific relationship. That would lead to erroneous and misleading conclusions about the relationship’s quality.