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Even though a synastry occasionally reveals some very tight connection between two or more human beings, to define such a synastry as a genuine soul mate phenomenon is hard to say.

While the term ‘soul mate’ describes, in general, quite a broad spectrum of relationships, it refers – from a hermetic point of view – to a particular and uncommon event that weaves two or more human beings together at a specific moment of spacetime. This mutual rendezvous will directly affect each one’s lives throughout their entire existence.

A soul mate phenomenon can occur as a parent-child, friends, lovers relationship and so on. And there is no guarantee that these relationships will be perfect or smooth, nor that the involved characters will be aware that they are soul mates. The soul mate relationship is mainly a self-improvement path, no matter what the circumstances.

On the other hand, a synastry is supposed to inspect the potential for a successful relationship, evaluating negative aspects as obstacles that prevent unions from increasing. For that reason, a synastry as traditionally intended is not fit for purpose. The union between souls is indeed a circumstance that the synastry theme could reveal. But it could appear unfavourable according to the traditional interpretation of a theme due to inherent karmic needs in a specific relationship. That would lead to wrong and misleading conclusions about the quality of the relations themselves.


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