Traditional Horary Astrology

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Horary astrology focuses on events rather than an individual’s destiny, which is determined through a birth chart. To create a horary chart, we can use the date and time of the question or the astrologer’s chosen moment. Both methods are valid, but the latter creates a stronger connection between the interpreter and the event. Examples of questions include marriage prospects, the outcome of a lawsuit, whether or not to move homes, and the likelihood of loan repayment. It goes without saying that there must be a strong motivation when asking the question.

Understanding an event chart requires a different approach to interpreting the symbolism of planets, aspects, and houses. In horary astrology, a planet can be a significator for a particular topic, regardless of its usual associations. For instance, although Mars is not typically associated with marriage, if it is located in the Seventh House, it becomes a significator for weddings due to its placement in that House. Additionally, planets or placements may have meanings that are not typically significant in natal astrology, such as the directions of space. When analysing an event chart, the focus is primarily on the significators of the subject and object of the question, including houses, planets in the houses, the dignities and debilities of planets, and the planets ruling the houses, among other factors. Some examples can help to illustrate this methodology.

Will I win this financial case? The 1st House represents the claimant, the 7th House represents the opponent, and the judge is in the 10th House. Based on the chart, you will win the case if the 1st and 2nd Houses are stronger than the 7th and 8th Houses. It’s also a good sign if the ruler of the 10th House (the judge) is on good terms with the 1st and 2nd Houses. If the 1st and 7th House significators form a positive aspect, both parties can reach an agreement.

Which direction should I move to live? We need to examine the zodiac sign where the ruler of the 1st House is located. This will indicate the direction of the area. For instance, if the sign is Cancer, the direction would be North.

Do I have a chance of having children? To answer this question, we look at the 1st House, its lord, and the Moon, which represent you as the questioner, and the 5th House, which represents children. If the rulers of the 1st and 5th Houses are beneficial planets like the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, then the answer is yes. However, if the lord of the 1st and 5th House or the Moon is in barren signs such as Gemini, Leo, or Virgo, sterility may be a possibility. Additionally, depending on whether the lords of the 1st and 5th Houses are in masculine signs like Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius or in feminine signs, the sex of the child can be determined. If a woman’s Moon is in aspect to the ruler of the 5th House, especially if the Moon is in the angular houses or the 7th House, then she may be pregnant.

The examples and methodology mentioned are based mainly on traditional teachings and aphorisms. However, my post on Horary Astrology Meanings offers a more comprehensive and holistic approach. This method doesn’t predict the outcome of an action but provides a general overview of the future direction of the action if taken.

As for the other questions mentioned, there isn’t much to add. If you haven’t fully grasped horary astrology, it’s best not to comment on the accuracy of the reading until the event has occurred. When evaluating the astrologer, remember that they don’t have to act as a fortune teller but rather as an advisor who offers a momentary exit from the deadlock of life circumstances to help you assess your response to the situation.