The essence of sensitivity

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The sign of the Rabbit (or the Hare, according to the tradition of Chinese astrology) distinguishes the individuals endowed with marked sensitivity, polite and elegant manners, inclined to art and diplomacy, with mild language and meticulous in their activities; however, they are prone to mood swings, whereby they sometimes appear to act aloof and are indifferent to human contact. Under a veneer of kindness that rarely leaves them, they nevertheless hide an energetic character; while behaving impeccably, they can devise their plans to get what they want, thanks to their precise judgment and a sort of hidden firmness – never prominent but highly effective – towards those who try to take advantage of their availability. The Rabbit woman is thoughtful, understanding, a good listener and self-possessed in situations that require quickness of mind; she knows how to take advantage of favourable circumstances and loves the comforts of existence. For both sexes, the dominant feature is the pursuit of calm and tranquillity, the rejection of open conflicts and combat, replaced by sagacity and common sense; it’s a personality naturally inclined to harmony and able to act behind the scenes to ensure a peaceful existence.

As with the zodiac signs in Western astrology, the circle of animals in Chinese astrology offers a generalised overview of personal characteristics, especially as each animal covers the entire year cycle. In reality, even the shortest time cycles characterising the moment of birth are assigned to animals so that the individual nature is specified in more detail. Furthermore, there is a matching between the animals and the elements based on the year of birth. Here we give a brief overview of the sign of the Rabbit.

Metal Rabbit

It denotes greater physical robustness than the Rabbit of the other elements. They are less willing to compromise; they know they can count on their astuteness and trust their faculties of deduction and initiative. They are meticulous in their work and can excel in artistic fields. Loves are lived with ardour and depth, but they are reserved in showing their emotional intimacy to others.

Water Rabbit

In combination with this element, the Rabbit becomes more contemplative and sensitive to emotional currents, inclined to meditate on his past life, to dwell on what has troubled him and which he can hardly get rid of. On the positive side, they have an excellent memory, know how to convey their ideas to others; they can easily make friends.

Wood Rabbit

This combination shines for its ability to understand others and feel part of a greater whole, favouring the native in those large and well-structured working realities where they can make their way and emerge thanks to their diplomatic skills. Their motto could be “I may be down, but I’m not out “, indicating great adaptability to the environment.

Fire Rabbit

It is a more outgoing Rabbit than the others, dynamic, fun-loving, with a strong character, but always able to control their emotions. They love progress, do not refuse to take leadership in society, but always try to avoid open conflict. They are very intuitively gifted but can risk neurotic excesses.

Earth Rabbit

With this element, the Rabbit becomes more earnest and constant than the average and is appreciated at work for their marked realism. Their natural balance leads them to exploit material resources wisely. Introverted by nature, they are sometimes too withdrawn in themselves. They tend to be materialistic and sometimes indifferent towards the needs of others but know how to redeem themselves by recognising their mistakes.

To find the years associated with the animal-element combination, consult this table. For an explanation of the symbols, see here.