The sign of Scorpio and interpersonal relationships

It means that interpersonal relationships and the communicative aspects of existence – words, writings, relocations and short trips – are experienced as a source of profound transformations, of occasions having a substantial evolutionary impact because they dig deep into the psyche. Let’s say that both the atavistic elements of existence (brothers and sisters) and short-range contacts are crucial for personal evolution in the way I have described.

In the case of critical aspects that affect this configuration, on the contrary, there is a tendency to destroy and make problematic the dynamics of the third house, from which, for example, conflicting relationships with relatives, the tendency to say words that hurt, a mind trapped by instincts, dangerous driving, etc.

It is essential to consider interpersonal relationships as a vehicle for psychic transmutation in either case. In this way, the surrounding environment will benefit from one’s analytical skills and in-depth activities. The individual will establish an environment suited to a genuinely compelling, intense, creative, communicative expression of great use in professions that use contacts or speech.