The 11th House is the home of human brotherhood, the first step towards overcoming conventional structures and accessing trans-individual expression

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With the 10th House, the individual reaches their peak experience, completing the maturation path introducing him to the social organism. With the next House, we enter the realm of collectivity, which overcomes the need of the previous hierarchical and rightful structures to place ourselves on the level of universalism, of taking part in the one body of humankind.

As the last of the Succedent Houses, the 11th House completes the formation begun in the 2nd House, the subsequent establishment of a concrete basis to form one’s individuality (5th House), and the fundamental processes of internal destruction and re-foundation (8th House) to access more comprehensive representations of existence. In the ensemble of the Houses analogue to Air signs (3rd, 7th, 11th), the 11th House draws the evolution of the exchange and relationship processes (3rd and 7th Houses), leading to the opening towards collective organisms.

The origin of the meaning of the 11th House stands in the relationship with the opposite 5th House. The 5th House identifies the ego with the psychosomatic structure that qualifies and differentiates individuals from the rest of the world. The correlative in affirming this individuality is the trans-individual, which is beyond the outlines of bodily recognition. A state leap is needed to integrate these two levels to ensure no clashes between oneself and others. That takes place through sharing with the broader human community, extending one’s frame of reference beyond personal needs.

According to judicial astrology, this broad perspective is beautifully summed up in the vital meaning of the House: friends. Friendship is a precious good, for it is the disinterested expression of a feeling of equality, a mood devoid of partisan interests. It is a bond that overcomes the boundaries of conventions, obligations and social structures; therefore, it lends itself well to representing the sense of brotherhood, which is none other than the evolution and extension of the blood ties expressed by the 3rd House. Another classic meaning is that of a guardian. We need a guardian when we are not aware of the larger scheme in which we move in. Therefore we want a guide that vibrates in unison with our frequency, but on a higher octave, it is an outside help we deserve. Hopes and desires, another classic attribution, refers to the distance between our ego and our true self free from conditioning, the original expression of what we are. Until the two realities coincide, there will always be a need to relate to an ideal projection. The social meaning of the 11th House leads us to the legislature, that is, to the bodies that have the power to issue laws and the offices in charge: ministers, ministries, the Council of Ministers. In this case, laws are an ideal path allowing individuals to remain in synchrony with the social body. On a smaller scale, we can associate the same attribution to local government agencies, Counties and Municipalities with their respective Councils.

In Air signs, the 11th House will naturally express its meanings of free and unconventional support in exchanges, relationships, human gatherings. In Water signs, emotions will sometimes prevail over communicative attitudes: you can create deep empathy for others and express a certain emotional exaggeration. In Fire signs, the 11th House makes enthusiasts, improvisers, capable of dragging and inspiring others. Finally, in Earth signs, the one born with this configuration will be an excellent administrator of the things of others or a far-sighted individual who will be able to build their network of relationships with perseverance.