The Ninth House suggests the way to exceed the individual condition through openness to the world, in an actual or mental journey that will lead on distant paths.

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The 9th House plans the hierarchical structures supporting biological, individual and social metabolism. Hence the various meanings relating to growth, expansion, travel, higher teachings, social and churchly systems. Metabolism, in its etymological meaning ( μεταβολή, mutation) is that process which – referring to astrology symbolism – uses the essential elements of the immediately preceding phase (the 8th House) to build complex structures. At the biological level, these structures are the metabolites (the intermediate and final products of metabolism). At the human organisation level, the 9th House symbolism is related to social groups. It is an introductory phase to the completion stage of the 10th House, which represents the transition to the social elevation.

The 3rd-9th Houses axis has the meanings of exchange-metabolisation, of an external contribution – air as an exchange factor – which is the raw material used by oxidative metabolic processes. An analogous relationship occurs at the mental level, with the verbal response to auditory perception and the ideal processing (9th House) of conceptual connections (3rd House).

Considering the relationship among the Cadent Houses, we see the 2nd House ensuring the intake (by the throat) of nutrients, which will later be assimilated and separated from waste products (6th House, the intestine). Finally, the assimilated food will be used in the anabolic processes to form complex protein structures (9th House).

In relationships with the Houses triplicity analogues to Fire signs, the 9th House represents the landing point of a process that, starting from birth (1st House), passing through the individuation process (5th House), leads to a trans-individual relationship. It is the sublimation of the personality which in its development finds a way to build an organism – the union of parts in a finalistic organised whole – including a vast human assembly: the architecture directing over the physical and ideal life of the community.

In judicial astrology, the essential meaning of the House is that of journeys. Contrary to the short-range displacements of the opposite Third House, the travel is open to various situations in which one finds oneself involved while going on a trip; we could define it as preparatory to the loss of individual boundaries.

Religion, philosophy, wisdom, the intellectual superior works and science are meant to enlarge the concept of the individuality and embed it into a wide-ranging scheme. Thus, what is beyond the sensory experience becomes a knowledge that climbs over the singularity of the human condition.

Clergy emphasises the hierarchical aspect of the House, the need for an architecture that supports and manifests the presence of the spirit on Earth. A similar meaning, but on a human level, is offered to us with the judiciary, the State’s power that applies administrative and criminal jurisdiction in a self-governing way, in harmony with the impartial meaning of the Ninth House.

Colonial affairs is a reminder of times in which the hegemonic powers extended their borders, and the ships were the preferred means of transport of such expansion; today, we favour aeroplanes as a resource for long-range travel.

In Fire signs, the 9th House shows its vitality in broadening physical and mental horizons, desiring to learn through travel and the breadth of intellectual or philosophical knowledge. In Earth signs, hierarchical aspects of thought prevail, along with the bias to follow a dogma or a social vision ensuring certainty and solidity. In Air signs, the House aims to expand inspired from Above or an ideal of brotherhood and equality. Finally, in Water signs, a development based on somewhat confused universalistic values ​​or intense emotional communion with the world prevail.