Contrary to popular belief, there is no evolutionary leap, or rather a linear progression, which leads from magical to scientific thinking. Those are different ways of understanding the same reality.

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The distinction between observer and phenomenon doesn’t endure in esoteric thought, which is easily associated with humanity’s ‘primitive’ stage. The feeling of unity still exists between man and what surrounds him; this is the root of magical thinking and astrology, not without side effects such as superstition or quackery.

On the other hand, forming a separate identity, which has been going on for a long time now, imposes a knowledge model based on mental and causative interrelation. Since the presuppositions of unity between all things disappear, it was necessary to refine the instrument of intellect to re-appropriate the meanings that we previously knew intuitively. That is the origin of the current scientific approach, which as a side effect, tends to inevitable strife between the opportunities offered and their application.

Scientific development certainly has many advantages and is necessary for the completion of human progress. Still, without the counterpart linked to an inner maturation, the “purity” of science risks wrecking under the pressure of an unbalanced application of the same as the result of the abandonment by the human being of the creation they investigate.

For this reason, I think that some men and women of science feel, even only at belief level and without questioning the real motives, that a doctrine such as the astrology can somehow compensate for the lack of humanity of current science, the detachment of the scientific thinking from the subject of knowledge.