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Life and its guise: this is the relationship binding the Sun and the Ascendant in a birth chart, the energetic model with which we rise to the world and the personality that will clothe us during our earthly stay.

That said, there are different degrees of adaptation to the ‘uniform’ that we find ourselves wearing. Just as the military uniform distinguishes belonging to an army unit that we must accept the rules of, the Ascendant is the physical garment that we must learn to appreciate and use to the fullest if we want to fully express our relationships with ourselves and with others.

The harmonic relationships between the Sun and the Ascendant (sextile and trine) support the accord between the primary destiny of the individual and the bodily and psychological tools to achieve it. That is expressed with a sort of inborn ability or spontaneity in carrying out the tasks our nature reserves for us. With critical aspects (square and opposition), one faces resistance and blocks on the part of the family or social sphere in personal expression (square) and difficulties in seeing one’s role recognised in the relationship with others (opposition). More specific indications require knowledge of the other aspects of the natal chart.