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Like that of Cancer, the glyph of the Pisces zodiac sign symbolises both duplicity and circular motion. The symbol of the double, also depicted in Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), always carries a relationship between necessary and complementary aspects.

The Gemini sign in the seasonal analogy marks the establishing of chlorophyll photosynthesis, the link between sunlight and the chlorophyll present in the leaves to produce biomass and oxygen. The sign synthesises the relationship between the subject that knows and the objects of knowledge: the mind and mental functions in the human kingdom. Libra is a prelude to seasonal equilibrium, the equinox period in which the natural cycle straddles its full manifestation and autumn decline; the human being sees here represented the processes of evaluative discrimination: the ability to choose and weigh alternatives. In Aquarius, nature transits from the stasis of midwinter to a potential state, in which the project of the plant contained in the seed begins to activate (embryogenesis). Here, the cognitive aspect of the individual sees the inspirational and intuitive phase prevail; it is the ability to grasp the essential meaning of things directly, the vision of the project before its actual realisation.

In the Cancer zodiac sign, the circular motion of the glyph symbolises the activation of transformation processes combining the two complementary principles: the union of the gametes (ovum and sperm), which is a prelude to the formation of the embryo. Circularity is the affirmation of the evolutionary dimension of existence, the change and entry into time as indicated by the yin-yang’s symbolism. The sign’s Water element is here the gestation water, and on a psychological level, the sign shows the prevalence of the sensitive, receptive and emotional aspects of acceptance.

The sign of Pisces amplifies this sensitivity to make it an interior sharing in the things of the world as if individuality leaves room for universality. In seasonal symbolism, it represents a phase in which the seed ceases to exist, but the sprout is undeveloped yet: it is the transition to a new cycle. We must also examine its circular motion because it is the last sign of the zodiac; it represents the ouroboros, the snake biting its tail, an image of time that devours itself in the ongoing eternal return of things. Thus the two fish in the glyph must endlessly chase each other in a circle to renew, at each cycle, the miracle of re-creation.