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Before addressing the question directly, I would like to clarify that astrology is not scientific in a narrow sense; therefore, any attempt to discredit it based on astronomical assumptions has no proof value. For a close examination of astrological debunking, see Summa Contra Gentiles on this site.

The question posed is almost more philosophical than astrological. Suppose we assert astrology can predict the future with precision. In that case, we assume human beings live in a state of absolute necessity and dependence on their destiny, without any possibility of acting except by what has already been established since birth. On the other hand, by assigning degrees of freedom to individual mediation on events, we assume that we can act spontaneously in the face of choices, without prejudice to the limits imposed on us by genetics or cultural or family orientations.

However, the fundamental lack in these arguments is not considering conscience as the main character in the scene of events. Without a consciousness translating the data of our perceptions, events would have no meaning in themselves. Therefore, astrology aims not to predict the future but to ensure that events are assigned a sense that makes us participate in what is happening. What we see in the horoscope is essentially the correlation between our interiority, which depicts reality from a unique point of view referring to a specific individuality, and the external events becoming significant thanks to conscious mediation.

Therefore, the prediction of the future in astrology is the revelation of the potentialities we can express in our life. Its primary purpose is to make us aware of these potentials to give our experience meaning without following false paths. When asked, “can we accurately predict the future?” we can answer that with Western astrology in certain circumstances, we can give an accurate prediction, but we can’t present it as an unavoidable fact without providing the client with the tools to recognise the event. It is useless when not harmful and a source of concern. Whether auspicious or inauspicious, the event itself is an integral part of the client’s evolutionary process. 


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