Free Will versus Natural Necessity

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Before directly addressing this question, it’s important to note that astrology should not be considered a strictly scientific practice. Therefore, any attempts to discredit it based on astronomical hypotheses lack substantial evidence. For a more detailed analysis of astrological debunking, please see Summa Contra Gentiles on this website.

The question presented is of a philosophical nature rather than astrological. Assuming that astrology can predict the future with precision, it would imply that humans are entirely bound by destiny and have no control over their actions other than what was predetermined at birth. Conversely, suppose we acknowledge that individuals have varying degrees of freedom to choose. In that case, we can act spontaneously in the face of choices, except for the limits imposed on us by genetic, cultural, or familial influences.

The core issue with these arguments is that they neglect the importance of consciousness as the driving force behind events. Without consciousness to interpret our perceptions, events would be meaningless. Astrology is not about predicting the future but rather about giving events significance that allows us to engage with them. Through the horoscope, we can see how our personal perspective shapes our understanding of reality and provides meaning to external events. This is all made possible through the mediation of consciousness.

Astrology is a tool that helps us understand the potential we have in our lives. Its purpose is to guide us towards meaningful experiences by highlighting these potentials and steering us away from paths that may lead us astray. The question of whether we can accurately predict the future through Western astrology is a complex one. While we can sometimes provide an accurate forecast, it’s important to remember that we cannot present it as an inevitable fact without giving individuals the necessary tools to recognise it and be at the event’s helm. When misused, astrology can be harmful and cause unnecessary worry. Ultimately, whether good or bad, events are an essential part of our personal growth and evolution.