The 10th House outlines the top of the extra-individual realisation

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In its most profound sense, the 10th House represents the direction of our existence, the ability to unite the inner and outer worlds to reach the highest point of evolutionary power; in short, the House describes our ability to realise our identity socially.

More specifically, the 10th House rules professional goals, work skills, vocations, and all the social factors leading to success or encouraging a spiritual evolution; it also informs about individual attitudes towards teamwork. The House symbolises the mother in a male horoscope – the father in a female horoscope.

The positive or negative impact on significant life events is strictly dependent on the natal condition of the 10th House. Critical aspects on the cusp (Midheaven) or bad planetary aspects within the House can cause delays or prevent individuals from achieving their goals. Conversely, a favourable position or aspect will encourage social life. Bad aspects in the 10th House don’t necessarily mean defeat; occasionally, they allow us to strengthen our moral convictions and go on a spiritual quest. Capricorn and the planet Saturn symbolically rule the 10th House.