The 10th House outlines the top of the extra-individual realisation

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At its core, the 10th House embodies the direction of our being, the capacity to merge our inner and outer worlds to attain the ultimate level of evolutionary strength. Essentially, this House illustrates our aptitude to achieve our social identity.

More specifically, the 10th House governs professional goals, work skills, vocations, and social factors contributing to success and spiritual growth. Additionally, it reveals an individual’s attitude towards teamwork. In male horoscopes, this House represents the mother, while in female horoscopes, it represents the father.

The success or failure of significant life events can be affected by the condition of the 10th House at the time of birth. Negative planetary aspects or critical positions on the Midheaven can lead to delays or obstacles in achieving one’s goals. On the other hand, positive aspects can promote a thriving social life. However, it’s important to note that negative aspects in the 10th House don’t necessarily lead to defeat. Sometimes, they can provide an opportunity to strengthen one’s moral convictions and embark on a spiritual journey. Capricorn and the planet Saturn rule the 10th House.